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Gardening ideas? Tips? Steps to achieving beautiful and amazing landscape? You might be looking for these, right? If yes, well, you’ve come to the right place! We at Leek Garden offer only the best and high-quality content regarding gardening and landscaping. Indeed, we are your one-stop site!

Knowing that some things associated with gardening and landscaping could be quite a challenging task for many, it is the goal of our site to help you with this matter. Here, we will teach you different methods on how to do things correctly.

Looking for ways on how to keep your garden beautiful or tips for a fantastic garden? Well. We’ve got all of that covered! Leek Garden has gathered essential facts and helpful information that will make the gardening job a lot easier and faster. And in that way, we can really be a great help to you!

So, if you want to learn particular things to fulfil your gardening or landscaping tasks, just look for the right content that fits your needs! In fact, we have categorised our blogs to make your journey easier. So, consider the following:


Of course, if you are new to gardening, you want to gather some information that will help you a lot, especially on what plants best suit your garden like choosing the best climbing plants

You might also want to learn how you are to transplant certain plants such as orchids, or you would also want to know how to determine the period wherein grass seeds germinate to make your lawn a lot more attractive. 

There are various things you need to know about plants and seeds once you are planning to start developing your garden or lawn. And if that’s the case, we are always willing to help!


You definitely don’t want anyone or anything to ruin your garden, right? But, what if there are pests that come the way or what if certain diseases hit your plants? What will you do? Do you know how to treat them? I bet you need the right information on how to resolve these matters!

Fret no more! At Leek Garden, you can find helpful content related to solving problems about pests and diseases. Aside from ways on how to keep your garden pest-free, we will also provide content that will let you learn how to deadhead a particular plant, therefore avoiding any unwanted diseases. 

With us, you will not just read blogs, but you will learn from these blogs!


Next in line is the process of teaching you how to prune your favourite plant like the pepper plants or the crepe myrtle. The method of doing so seems so easy, but for some, there is a need for a comprehensive guide that will make the pruning a success. 

Pruning plants will be a lot easier if you are guided by step-by-step instructions, and that is what we provide here at Leek Garden. Along with that, you don’t need to worry about the best pruning materials to use as we have included it all just for you!


Yes, you now know the processes on how to make your garden beautiful and bountiful as well, but do you exactly know the right way on how to harvest and store the yields? If in doubt on whether how to do it the right way, check out our articles and you will discover the best way!

Harvesting yields must follow specific guidelines to ensure that you reap only the freshest ones. Have you planned to harvest the arugula now, or do you know when to harvest the cucumbers? Let Leek Garden be your guide on how to these things.
And we will not forget that you also need some storage tips that will ensure your crops to last longer. If you have radishes, broccoli, or tomatillos, then we can help you with the right way on how to store them.


Aside from providing you essential information about gardening, we will also render helpful articles that will address your needs in terms of decorating something. What if you want to put a ribbon on the Christmas tree, how will you do it properly? Don’t worry! We can give you the best ideas on how to do so.

And if you want to make your lawn or garden a lot more attractive, why not install some outdoor laser lights. Worried about how to do so? Well, the process will be provided along with extensive options of products that you can choose from.
Decorating your garden, or your home, merely requires simple skills and ideas leading to a beautiful result.

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Decorating Ideas

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