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How to increase humidity in a grow tent: The Complete Guide

If you choose indoor gardening to grow plants, a few important factors you need to take into consideration. Humidity is one of them. In this article, we would love to tell you about how to increase humidity in a grow tent.

Apparently, grow tents provide potential opportunities to grow plants even in any weather condition. Yet, most of the indoor growers focus on other growth factors such as pH, system cleaning, pesticide management, moisture etc.

What is humidity?

What is-humidity

Eventually, many of them forget about humidity. This article aims at improving ideas about its role in getting healthy plants. Also, we will show you the ways to follow increasing the humidity level. 

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Grow Tent Setup, 2019: A Complete Guide You Need to Know

So, you have your first grow tent? But, do you also wonder how to set it up? If yes, you are probably reading the right article now! One of the most critical tools, if you are into indoor gardening, is the grow tent. And if you think that grow tent setup is a daunting task, well, you are wrong! It could be a simple process if you exactly know what to do.

grow tent setup

Grow tent setup

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5 Best Climbing Plants for Trellises: Should Have In Your Garden!

Whether for privacy, protection, or curb appeal, the fence is the face your garden puts on for everyone to see. And since time passes no one, those tell-tale signs will inevitably show up to reveal how long it's been since you last painted it or did some other maintenance. 

Best Climbing Plants for Trellises

Best Climbing Plants for Trellises

If you don't want to splurge on a new fence installation, new patio furniture or a hefty to boost the way your exterior feels but want to revamp the first impression of your property, you can do so with a trellis and a stunning plant to naturally beautify your property. If you're considering such a project, here are five of the best climbing plants for your fence:

How to Transplant Orchids (Tips and Tricks for Transplant Orchids)

Did you know that the presence of plants provide a calming effect in our surroundings?That is why decorating your home with orchids helps you relax and helps reduce stress at the same time. Which in addition improves your mood, and the risk of getting some cardiovascular diseases and some other chronic illnesses.

To make sure you get the most out of your it you should also know how to transplant orchids. Furthermore, it increases the environment’s humidity content, which is a good sign in avoiding seasonal illness such as a cough, dry skin, and sore throats.

Not a coincident but if you notice, orchids are one of the popular gifts most friends or hospital visitors would likely give. This is because, according to research, a higher humidity level can decrease the likelihood of spreading the flu.

So it doesn’t only give happiness to the patient, but at is also beneficial to the patient’s health. Plus, it could possibly brighten up a dreary hospital room, making everyone inside feel better.


A picture of Cymbidium Hybrid Orchid

How to Grow Chickpeas? A Complete Guide to Consider

Are you one of those individuals who want to grow chickpeas in the garden? I think you are! If so, do you know how to grow chickpeas? Known to be the tastiest complete protein out there and with lots of health benefits, chickpeas are relatively easy to grow. There are just important things to consider within the process.


Green pod chickpeas

​Here, I will be helping you out when it comes to growing chickpeas. Aside from the steps you need to follow, I will also include significant facts about chickpea. So, read on fellas!

Smart Food Safety: How Long Do Organic Carrots Last

Most people do not consider food safety when they are handling carrots. Although, carrots are one of the healthiest veggies on the planet, eating rot carrots can be detrimental to your health. Carrots are susceptible to toxins and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. The soils that we grow our carrots are vulnerable to two primary types of bacteria known as Listeria monocytogenes and Bacillus cereus. The produce can be contaminated if your soil was infested with these bacteria. Our cooking and storage practices will determine how safe the food will be for consumption.

Help! How Many Cloves in a Head of Garlic? 2019 Edition

There might come a time when a recipe calls a head of garlic, but you only have individual heads left in your storage. Many people purchase pre-peeled garlic cloves to make cooking easier. Or, you might want to plant some garlic inside or outside. Knowing how many cloves in a head of garlic allows you to better pre-plan planting.

How Many Potatoes per Plant: I Bet You Did Not Know

Potatoes are one of the nutritious are one of the nutritious foods in our homes. The fun thing is that most tubers do not need extra attention when planting them. However, you gardening practices will influence the productivity of your plants. When potatoes are provided with the right amounts of nutrients, spacing, and care, the number of potatoes per plant may increase by a good percent. You can grow your own potatoes in your backyard because they are easy to care for.


Nutritious potato salad

The type of potatoes that you decide to plant will determine the approach you take in planting, care, and harvest although there is no significant difference. Potatoes are harvested immediately after the potato vine plant dies that’s why they do best in fall and spring depending on the area you live.

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How Long Do Potatoes Take to Grow: What You Need to Know?

Potatoes are one of the easiest plants to grow, so long as you plant them in the temperature and environment, they prefer. Gardener typically wonders how long do potatoes take to grow. Everyone wants to have freshly harvested potatoes. The harvesting itself is fun and an activity perfect for kids.

​Growing potatoes takes some work. You have to get the seed potatoes ready, hilled the area, cultivated and fertilized the ground. Over time, your potato plants blossom and are healthy. Now it is time to get ready to harvest the potatoes. Let’s take a look at what you should know about how long do potatoes take to grow.

How Long Do Carrots Last: Ways to Extend Their Lives

All the work you do throughout the year to produce a bountiful harvest of vegetables is for nothing if you don’t know how to store your vegetables. You might have a great harvest of carrots, but you wonder how long do carrots last after harvesting. Carrots last for different lengths of time depending on your storage method and when you harvest them.