Julia Wilson

Julia Wilson

My name is Julia, and I am a gardener living in TX. A fan of food, travel, and coffee. BUT, my big fan is gardening and outdoors, I'm spending time in the dirt surrounded by my plants and nature is the best way to spend my time. My goal isn’t just to give you facts. I want to share my experiences with, tips and tricks that I have learned from my time gardening.

My passion for plants came out of necessity. With two kids and one full income, our family needed to find a way to make ends meet. A vegetable garden, small at best, seemed like the best place to start to stretch our grocery budget. I had no idea that this one simple act would drive a love into me for plants and gardening.

Gardening isn’t just a simple task you do each day; it is a way of life. Cultivation can transform your mindset. It connects you to the past, the prior generations who survived through gardening, with the present. Plants require dedication, love and nurturing to grow to their maximum potential. Gardening is a fantastic way to connect to the earth.

You won’t just find product reviews here. While I might let you know my favourites, I want you to walk away with new knowledge each time. You’ll discover methods I’ve personally used with success (or failure). Who wants to try a technique that the writer isn’t sure will work? No one! If you’re like me, you want to read the truth, even if it resulted in a flop.

I hope that you come back. Pull up a chair and flip through the articles. Then, go out and get your hands in the dirt. There isn’t anything better than that.

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Julia Wilson