How To Store Radishes 2022: Everything You Can Know Here!

Radishes are edible root vegetables whose botanical name is Raphanus sativus meaning white beauty. This is ironical since the roots are not always white. The root color ranges from pink to red to purple and even green and black. However, the most common root colors are pink and white. The roots can grow up to 24 inches long with the leaves growing up to 5 inches long. However, the root size depends on the variety of the radish.


Fresh red radishes in a plate


Another fun fact is that the leaves can be eaten too. The leaves are good when braised or sautéed in olive oil with roasted garlic, salt, and pepper (any pepper available). The leaves can also be used as the salad dressing as well or garnish in other meals.

Radishes have been known to have many health benefits and thus its use as a common vegetable. Some of the health benefits include:

  • Detoxifying agent/ blood and urine purifier reducing blood and kidney related problems.
  • Roughage hence preventing and treating constipation as well as diarrhea because it makes loose bowels firm.
  • Rich potassium level makes it a great heart disease fighter.
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    High in vitamin C which is a pathogen fighter and reduces the risk of getting small illnesses such as influenzas and the likes.
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    Can be used to reduce white for those with obesity problems since it is filling and hunger cravings are reduced.
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    They are used to replenish the skin. The water in radishes moisturizes the skin and gives it a soft feel touch and reduces skin cracks, skin rashes, and skin dryness.

White daikon radishes on a wooden table

Various types of radishes

  • Cherry Belle- these radishes have short bright red roots with very crispy white flesh.
  • White Icicle- white roots with a pungent taste. The roots are 5-8 inches long.
  • Daikon- 18-24 inches long white roots with about 2-3 inches wide. They are known for their mild flavor.

How to Store Radishes

To those with love for radishes, you always want your radishes to stay longer once you buy them or harvest them from the farm.

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The following are ways you can store your radishes to keep them fresh and tasty for longer:

  • The most common method of storage is refrigeration. There are various steps to be done before the radishes can be put into the fridge.
  • Pickling them in vinegar before putting them in the fridge.
  • Putting unwashed radishes in a zip lock bag with a damp towel at the bottom before placing it in the fridge.
  • Remove the leaves and place the radishes in a plastic bag and later put them in the fridge.

Fresh vegetable including radishes store in a fridge

How to store radishes in a fridge

The amazing thing about refrigeration is that the radishes will stay fresh for up to two weeks.

Freezing the radishes is another way of storing them. This method is simple and requires you to remove the leaves and store the roots in a zip lock or plastic bag and freeze them.

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    Ensure that you rinse them thoroughly.
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    Blanch them in boiling water for about 2-5 minutes.
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    Let them cool in cold water.
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    Dry them then pack in plastic bags and store them in the freezer.

Red radishes stored in a plastic bag

How to store radishes in sand or dirt

You can also store radishes in sand or dirt. The temperature in the room where they are to be stored should be 34-42 degrees Fahrenheit (10-12.5 degrees Celsius).

For those of you with a dark room to do this in, it is advisable to remove the leaves before you use this technique otherwise the nutrients will be drawn from the radishes, and they will wither faster.

  • Carefully cut the leaves off.
  • Fill the box or container that you intend to use with sand or dirt.
  • Place the unwashed roots in between the sand/dirt making sure that the roots are about three inches from each other.
  • Check once in a while to remove rotten or radishes with mold.

Young radishes in a seedling

How to store radishes through buttering

This is an interesting way to store or preserve the radishes is my making butter out of them. This method acts both as a way to preserve the radishes as well as having an alternative preparation other than using radishes as salads.

This works well with those radishes that you want to salvage because they were split, cracked and storing them with other means will eventually lead to them rotting. The ingredients you need to make your butter are salted butter, chopped marjoram, sliced garlic greens, chopped fennel fronds and black pepper.

The first thing you need to do to make the radish butter is grated them. When done, add the butter and herbs and mix until thoroughly combined. Season it with the black pepper. You can put the radish butter in a jar. It can be used to spread on bread or as an accompaniment when eating nachos or crisps.


Radish salad in a bowl

Radishes are wonderful edible vegetables but they are highly perishable if not stored properly. There are various ways that you can store your radishes, you just have to decide which one works best for you.

However, regardless of the method that you use to ensure that the nutrients are well preserved. Remember the wonderful health benefits radishes have and eat them as regularly as you can, at least every fortnight.

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Via How to Store Radishes to keep them Fresh and Crisp for 1 week!

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