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This has to do with the structure of container planting.

Group of plant containers with colorful summer flowers

Group of plant containers with colorful summer flowers

Pennisetum setaceum & Rubrum better known as Purple Fountain Grass is a great structural plant. When choosing plants in 4 or 6 pots, it is a good idea to consider the eventual shape, height, and the growth habits of the plant. Many plants will either be trailing, broad, or upright. The container combinations that are the most successful will typically include one or more from each of these forms.

You may want to start your outdoor planters with upright and tall plants, like Purple Fountain Grass, or a dwarf canna lily. Now add 1 to 2 mid-height, broad plants like coleus, heliotrope, dwarf dahlias, or African daisies. Now choose a trailing form like bacopa, liquorice plant, sweet potato vines or ivy geranium.

Another guaranteed method to design and create an architectural statement that is strong is to just use a single plant that is bold in an outdoor container. The ideal candidates to achieve this effect includes an upright and thick bamboo clump or the symmetry that is perfect from a New Zealand flax. Another great idea includes flanking your entryway with false cypress or dwarf Alberta spruce pairs.

Clumps of ornamental grasses like the feather reed-grass can also achieve a very bold statement. You can also draw attention to trailing forms in a celadon-green, tall urn filled with sweet potato burgundy-coloured vine. Read an outdoor planter buying guide to get the best planter for your requirements.

This planter contains shade-loving plants.

Planter contains shade-loving plants

Planter contains shade-loving plants

If you use shade-loving impatiens in a window box and you position them on a west-facing sunny location, these plants will not thrive. It is also not a good idea to use sun-loving geraniums in a shady area like your porch. You need to consider where you will locate your pots and then choose a plant that will enjoy living there. The labels on plants will usually have a list of the shade or sun requirements (you can also read over our recommendations at the end of this article).

It is also of importance to combine the plants that have moisture requirements that are similar. For example, a moisture-loving hibiscus will not grow well with a desert-loving portulaca. The preference in soil is another important consideration. A container filled with thyme, bay, and rosemary needs to contain sharply drained and a sandy soil mix which is able to mimic Mediterranean conditions, that these plants are used to.

A plant like Fushia prefers a moisture-retentive, humusy soil which is the soil conditions found in tropical and wet rainforests. The labels on plants or a sales associate that is well-informed can assist you with this information. 

A combination of fine and coarse textured foliage can assist in creating an interest in your plantings.

A combination of fine and coarse textured foliage

A combination of fine and coarse textured foliage

Foliage is as equally important when compared to colours to create container plantings that are successful. Once you have thought about a few candidates think about the surface texture and size of these leaves. The textures of leaves range from shiny (croton) to waxy (ivy geraniums), to velvety (dusty miller) to prickly (asparagus fern). Foilage that contrasts really grabs attention.

For texture combinations that are exciting, think about something like the hair-like tufts from ogon, also known as lemon-yellow grass, combined with the lime-green spiky leaves of succulent Angelina, and the waxy leaves from Sedum, along with lacy flowers from the Coral Flying Colors 

Experiment with a few colour combinations that are bold.

Mixed colorful flowers in a plant border

Mixed colorful flowers in a plant border

A container planting that is well-composed can be just as stimulating visually as a good painting. Create excitement and energy by mixing up complementary colours like blue and yellow or orange and purple. Or you can create a soothing composition in the way of limiting the colours to yellows and reds or pinks and blues. It is also possible to achieve a highly sophisticated and stunning look when you use greens, silvers, and whites.

When you choose foliage and flower colours, consider the colour of your patio pavers or deck or the outside colours of your home, along with the colours in the adjacent borders and beds. With this in mind, planters and pots offer the ideal opportunities to start experimenting with colour combinations that are dramatic that you would never try out in the landscapes that are permanent.


5 Things to Consider When Installing Laser Lights

Laser lights add extra décor to the house during the festival season. It looks dazzling when it is creatively installed in your outdoor area. You can install these outdoor laser lights without spending too much time. There is a variety of colorful laser lights in two standard colors red and green.

With a click of a button, you can switch on these outdoor laser lights from within your home. Nowadays, most of the laser lights feature a built-in timer which helps you to preset the time in which the lights must be switched on and the time to automatically switch off. You can use laser lights for any special occasion to brighten the mood as it provides an amazing party effect with rapid red & green laser dots. You have to take care when choosing laser lights as the wrong choice can cost you money & frustration.

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How to Decorate Garden with Waste Material (2019 Update)

Of course, one of the significant hobbies that most people love doing is gardening. Am I right? You can plant flowering plants to vegetables to fruits to almost everything. But of course, apart from growing your garden into a bountiful one, do you have any plan of turning your garden into a beautiful one? If yes, why not consider some of the best options on how to decorate garden with waste material.

Garden with recycled items decorations

Garden with recycled items decorations

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How To Keep Your Garden Look Beautiful: Simple Guidance For You!

A garden is such a beautiful place that everyone loves to spend their free time and also the best area that helps to keep you in calm and peace. You can clear fatigue and refresh your mind in an evening stroll at your garden.

A garden is said to be a beautiful one if it’s filled with lush and green plants, fabulous overall appearance and the plants you choose to cultivate. A lot of time and effort is needed to keep your garden healthy and attractive. Here we are going to check out some of the powerful tips how to keep your garden look beautiful you can follow to have a breathtaking garden. 

How To Keep Your Garden Look Beautiful

Houses and beautiful gardens

Amazingly Easy: How to Put Ribbon on a Christmas tree (2019 Update)

​In this article, you will know how to put ribbon on Christmas tree during the decoration stage, how to twine the ribbon around the evergreen boughs, how to create a stunning tree topper with the ribbon and know how to keep the ribbon after use.

Holiday-decorated-room-with-Christmas-tree-and-presents-How-to-Put-Ribbon-on-a-Christmas -tree.jpg

Holiday decorated room with Christmas tree and presents

Do you want to have fantastic decorations such as having best outdoor laser lights this coming Christian season? Apart from the keepsake Christmas tree ornaments, your tinsel, twinkle lights and other decorations you use for the Christmas tree, consider putting ribbon on a Christmas tree.

Whether it’s patterned, solid, gauzy, sparkly or satiny, a ribbon creates the ideal final touch for the holiday tree. With the proper use of ribbon, you can make a tree, which looks like it popped out of a magazine.

Whether it’s patterned, solid, gauzy, sparkly or satiny, a ribbon creates the ideal final touch for the holiday tree. With the proper use of ribbon, you can make a tree, which looks like it popped out of a magazine.