Catch the Mouse by the Best Mouse Trap: Pick One Now

Surely, seeing a live mouse disgusts everyone. You may be tempted to call a pest control professional to address the problem, but it may be not convenient and too costly. Why not invest more simply and cheaply – the best mouse trap!

But, still uncertain what brand to buy? No biggies! Consider any of these best mouse traps you can buy for your next shopping.


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*And for the reviews, continue reading below for more details.

Different Types of a Mouse Trap

There are different types of mouse traps that you might choose from, and these types are as follow:

Electronic Mouse Traps

 Electronic Mouse Traps

These traps are battery-powered, and they would use bait to attract and so catch the mouse inside them. Then, it would kill the critter by electrocuting the mouse. This current will deliver a humane kill particularly once compared to other types. This is the right model to consider if you are an animal activist.

Snap Mouse Traps

Snap Mouse Traps

These traps are used for over 100 years and are simple devices loaded with which have a baiting-platter as well as a "kill device" that is either a spring-released kill bar or the serrated kill jaw that snaps back on the rodent powerfully. And this catches and kills the mouse. This one is indeed an incredible and powerful product and also efficient one in catching little pests.

Glue Mouse Traps

Glue Mouse Traps

These come either as glue boards and glue trays that contain scented sticky substances which attract rodents to step into them. If the mouse has stepped to the sticky surface, an attempt to release itself would further draw it on the tray or board, therefore, sealing its fate permanently.

Multiple Catch Traps

Multiple Catch Traps

This type of traps is used to catch as well as hold multiple mice in a single contraption. They actually don’t kill the rodents, rather, they are ideal for catching and releasing infestation control operations. If the mouse enters the trap, there is no way out but only through human intervention.

Mouse Baiting Traps

 Mouse Baiting Traps

These are known to be containers which hold mainly developed rat bait which act as the slow poison. If the rat has ingested the bait, it would be able to slip out and escape the trap. And the slow-acting designed poison is intended to kill the mouse away from the area wherein the poison is put out.

You have the freedom to choose from these types based on your preference.

How to Pick the Best Mouse Trap

Is it fine with you to dispose of a bloodied carcasses of dead mouse?

Well, you need to evaluate certain factors before you make a purchase and so you might be able to get the best mouse trap. There are questions that you should ponder and these are the following:

​Is it fine with you to dispose of a bloodied carcasses of dead mouse?

The snap mouse traps are considered to be very efficient. However, they frequently leave a bloody mess. There is a need for you to unlock it and dispose of the dead mouse physically. After that, you have to wash the equipment before using it again. If you have a weak stomach, this mouse trap might not be the right choice for you.

​Are you disgusted by seeing live mice?

Multiple catch traps would require you to remove the trap from the house physically and take it to a place wherein you want to release the mouse. But this might not be a great option if the sight of the mice scurrying around is disgusting you.

​Do you consider yourself to be a conservationist?

​If you are a conservationist and you believe that harming mice is not morally justifiable, then some other types of mouse traps aren’t what you’re looking for. The best option might be the multiple catch trap since this is the most humane way of getting rid of the animals.

​These are just some of the questions you need to ponder if you are planning to purchase a mouse trap. Such considerations are crucial for better and efficient results of your plan.

Tips on How to Trap a Mouse

4 quick tips on how to catch a mouse properly, consider the following:

  1. Good trap replacement is a crucial step in order to catch a mouse in the house. You need to inspect which area has the highest activity. And the most common areas would be along the walls, poorly lit corners and behind the furniture.
  2. There is a need to make sure that you have enough mouse traps. For the strategy to be effective, make sure that the equipment is placed in each of the places which have high activity of mice into them.
  3. The mouse traps must be set up simultaneously in order to take advantage of the first night. These pests might be more cautious on the second night so such behavior should be considered.
  4. The use of power baits or lures must be considered. Only use a few lures or bait. Those baits that are high in protein are the most effective options. And also, use different baits or lures once dealing with many mice.

You have to be guided by these tips for you to trap a mouse quickly.

​Reviews of the Best Mouse Trap

​If you're in the market to look for a mouse trap that works for home, garage or kitchen, then you can depend on our review of the best mouse trap. Each has been thoroughly scrutinized to ensure effective and safe use.

#01. JT Eaton 409 BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap – Best Product for Quality

Why is JT Eaton Jawz on top of the list? For something that is no-touch, finger-safe sets of 24 mouse traps that are very easy to assemble and economical, this product definitely deserves being on top.

​JT Eaton has been producing high-quality pest elimination products, and it is evident in JT Eaton Jawz. If you're tired of seeing mice or any small pests roaming in other areas of your home, then this product can be your best friend.

  • ​Though, the JT Eaton Jawz doesn't always guarantee to kill mice.


  • Compact; made from resilient plastic.
  • Multipurpose pack of 24 traps.
  • Highly effective in killing mice and other small pests.
  • High-quality.
  • Strong spring action.
  • Small enough to fit into isolated areas, away from pets and children


  • Doesn't kill mice all the time.

#02. Snap-E Mouse Trap – Best Product for Cleaning and Disposal

Made of polystyrene material and durable steel, the Snap-E Mouse Trap is simple and easy to assemble. You can even use it numerous times for years. Such a cost-saver!

This product features a preformed baiting cup to enable easy baiting. It also resists odors and discolor that are common in traditional wooden mouse traps. When it comes to catching rats and mice from the back, front and sides, the strike bar and extra-large tripping paddle perform a good job.

  • ​Sometimes, rats slide off, which is a disadvantage in using the trap.


  • Made of robust steel and polystyrene material.
  • Safe, simple and clean.
  • The preformed bait cup allows for easy baiting.
  • Resists odors and stains.
  • Can be reused for some years.


  • Rats slide of occasionally.

#03. Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap – Best Product for Safety

This easy-to-assemble steel and plastic trap is an excellent choice especially for those who are delicate on bloody mouse body. All you need to do is squeeze its lipped-handed back design, and the trap is now ready to do its task.

The Intruder 30442 Mousetrap is safe and crafted from durable non-absorbent plastic that smothers mice plainly without leaving any odors or a bloody mess. It comes with never-touch design, making it one of the best-selling mouse traps in the market. So, when looking for an effective and safe solution to catch mice while ensuring the safety of your kids and pets, this product can be your ideal option.

  • In most case, you may find it quite difficult catching mice as they might not be very drawn to the plastic.


  • Easy to use, safe and effective.
  • Good sturdy mousetrap.
  • Has a simple, child-friendly design.
  • Kills mice quickly and cleanly.
  • Comes with never-touch design.


  • Mice could not be drawn to the plastic.

#04. The Mouse Hotel Humane Mousetrap – Best Product for Ease of Use

If you want to get rid of annoying mice inside your home without killing or harming them, the Mouse Hotel Humane Mousetrap will definitely give value to your hard-earned investment.

Put the bait in this live mouse catching trap. While eating the bait, the door will close behind the mouse. When the door closes, the mouse will not be able to escape until you open it.

  • But, you can only catch one mouse at a time.


  • Simple and effective.
  • Humane mouse trap.
  • Can catch mice quickly.
  • Doesn't leave odors or bloody mouse carcasses.
  • Reusable


  • Can only catch one mouse.

#05. Victor Quick Kill Mouse Trap – Best Product for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Mice are a real headache to homeowners, which is why you need the easiest, quickest and most accurate tool to dispose of them and free your family from potential illnesses - the Victor Quick Kill Mouse Trap.

Made of durable plastic and highly efficient, this trap can kill a mouse in a fast and humane manner. You can either dispose of it or use it again, depending on your individual preference. The 12 packs are convenient and easy, as well as can be placed in hidden corners, under furniture, on the roof and several other places.

  • The only problem is that it doesn't catch many mice.


  • Well-designed; easy to set.
  • Made of high impact plastic.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Quick, humane and accurate for catching mice.
  • Great for indoors and outdoors.


  • Doesn't catch many mice.

#06. Pestrax Electronic Mouse Trap -- Best Product for Efficiency

What makes Pestrax Electronic Mouse Trap loved by many is its efficient and safe use for getting rid of rodents as squirrels, mice, and rats.

One of the most reliable brands of Pestrax, it is an electronic mouse trap built to determine the occurrence of a rodent through metal plates on the floor of this trap. A lethal amount of high voltage electricity will then be produced.

​A red LED indicates the trap is active, while a green LED indicates the rodent is safe to remove. There's no need for you to see or touch the killed rodent. Simply open the trap and throw it in the trash.

  • But, it may give an annoying beeping sound when it catches something.


  • Kills mice, rats, chipmunks and rodents fast.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can kill up to thirty rodents.
  • Very effective.
  • No messy or bloody kills.


  • May produce a horrible beeping sound.

#07. Mouse Trap, Rodent Traps For Mouse Control– Best Product for Effectiveness

When it comes to killing mice, many of us don't want the mess around. And, this mouse trap is definitely one of the good choices we have in the market.

Famous for being one of the most effective and easiest mouse traps, it sets in just seconds. It is made of durable plastic and can be used as long as you want to.

You will love its ease of use and design, but it may only be effective with a baby field, small mice.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Safe and sanitary.
  • Has an aggressive and powerful design.
  • Reusable.


  • May only be effective at catching small mice.

Final Verdict

Based on the review, along with the features, our best pick is the JT Eaton 409 BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap as it gets rid of the mice very quick and very efficient. When you see its various excellent features and benefits, you will agree it is worth the penny.

​This mouse trap is compact due to being made from resilient plastic. And of course, it is a highly-effective product when it comes to killing mice and even other small pests. It has strong spring action makes it as a high-quality product too!

So, in choosing the best mouse trap, always bear in mind its ability to catch a mouse effectively. I hope this article enlightened you and helped you purchase the right one. But, making a homemade mouse trap might as well be considered. Watch this to help you how to make one.

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