Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

Crabgrass really stinks. If this pesky invader continuously frustrates your beautiful garden, our reviews of the best crabgrass killer will save your day. This review contains the best post emergent crabgrass killers available to help you fight against this annoying invader and successfully bring back your luxuriant landscaping.

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

A bottle Bayer Advanced weed and crabgrass killer

Surely, having your lovely garden get stained by weeds is the last thing you want to happen. Worry, not! Here, we will give you all the important details you must know to get rid of crabgrass in your lawn or garden with the best killer products.


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Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

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Southern Ag

4.6 /5 stars


Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

1 Gallon

Sanco Industries

4.4/5 stars


Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

2.5 Gallon



4.6/5 stars


Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

2.5 Gallon


5.0/5 stars


Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn



3.6/5 stars

What are Crabgrasses?

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

The crabgrass weeds from my garden

Talking about crabgrasses, these would be one of the irritating grasses that you would excitedly get rid out of your lawn. It has long leaves (finger-like) that have dark green color. It annoyingly grows in bunches and makes sure that its roots are buried deep within the soil that’s why it takes time and effort for you to pull this type of grass.

Moreover, this is a kind of tropical grass that can grow in warm places or countries. Crabgrasses are also considered as a weed since it can multiply or grow at an alarming rate. Crabgrasses are the type of annual plants that could flourish for some months.

But the bad impact that it leaves to your garden’s soil would be alarming and would take about two years. When summer comes, these weeds die out that’s why you can see the least number of it in your lawn. When there’s a sign of crabgrasses in your garden, it’s better to get rid of it with the use of the best crabgrass killer. This way, other beneficial plants in your garden will not be at stake.

Watch this to learn more about crabgrass:

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When to Apply Crabgrass Preventer?

Applying crabgrass killer is just so simple. Here are some notes when applying herbicide.

  1. Whatever type of crabgrass killer you have, you’ll always notice the application instructions on its label. Take time to read and follow it strictly.
  2. When you saw weeds growing in your garden, immediately apply the best crabgrass killer you’ve chosen.
  3. Also, take note that you need to apply herbicide when the temperature is eighty-five degrees. One of the best seasons to apply herbicide is during the fall season.

Buying Crabgrass Killer: Considerations to Make

What are the best considerations to make when you’re about to buy a crabgrass killer? Since weeds are your greatest garden enemies, you need to know the best way and do the best practice for you to keep them from coming back or refrain them from invading your garden.

Aside from pulling those weeds out of the soil, the use of crabgrass killers is one of the great solutions. It’s one of the tested and proven methods of delivering weed execution or extermination.

But with several best crabgrass killer in the marker, it would be a bit difficult for you to know which of those will suit you best. With that, here are some considerations that will lead you to what’s best for your need and budget.

The Systemic and Contact Herbicide

The systematic herbicide is a crabgrass killer that would need more time to take effect. But even though it could not affect as fast as others, surprisingly, this has a long-lasting impact on plants.

On the other hand, if you want a type of poisoning method of killing crabgrasses, you may choose the contact herbicide because it poisons the plants in your garden.

Moreover, this herbicide initiates abnormal growth-altering the plant’s system and creates proportioned nutrient-distribution. This could quickly kill those annoying crab grasses. Not a bad choice, indeed. 

Pre-Emergent vs. Post-Emergent Herbicides

Mostly, crabgrass killers are herbicides, and you could find plenty of it, with different brands and effects, in the market.

The emergent herbicides include the pre as well as post-emergent herbicides. The first one is effective in blocking a particular grass’ enzyme during its seed germination.

This is why pre-emergent herbicides block the weed or grass from multiplying or growing. It’s advisable to use when the temperature is high such as during summer.

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

Crabgrasses in the garden

Meanwhile, the post-emergent herbicide is being used only after the crab grasses have flourished or grown in your garden. It’s applied when there are still weeds left in your garden after you’ve used the pre-emergent herbicide.

If you want longer or efficient effect, you can use this throughout the season since it could not be that effective when dealing with established or very thick crab grasses.

Non Selective and Selective Herbicides

Are these good options? Well, if you’re a gardener that would only want to eliminate a particular type of weeds around your beloved flower, the selective herbicide would be one best crabgrass killer to have. As its name connotes, it’s excellent in eliminating a particular type of plants only.

But if you need the type of herbicide that would execute various kinds of plants, then having the non- selective herbicide will work great for you. But on some point, this could cause some risks on some useful plants in your garden.

This herbicide is an excellent option if you’re just about to start your garden. But if it’s already established, then having the selective herbicide is better.

Watch this video to learn more about how to eliminate crabgrass in your lawn:

Safety Measures and Warnings

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

A man spraying herbicides

When using chemical herbicides, you need to be extra careful. That’s why you should be aware of some safety measures. This way, you would minimize the injuries or specific hazards to your children and other family members. Below are safety measures to observe when dealing with the best crabgrass killer.

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  1. Take note that some herbicides could cause some damage to your furniture, concrete or wood.
  2. When you have fruit-bearing plants or trees and flowers in your garden, it wouldn’t be safe to spray certain herbicides.
  3. Always take time to read and understand the instructions on how to apply the herbicide that you purchased.
  4. Make sure to use the herbicide only on the desired or recommended garden.

There are several best crabgrass killer to choose from. You just need to be wise in deciding what suits you best. Hope that the above information would greatly help you.

5 Best Crabgrass Killer — Product Reviews

Our top five options are considered among the effective products, which you can also try. Read on these crabgrass killer reviews to learn more.

01. Surfactant for Herbicides

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

This weed killer solution can be applied on particular grasses in the golf courses, parks, lawns, non-crop locations, ditch banks and others. It easily removes crabgrasses and other weeds from hard surfaces, making it an excellent choice for many consumers.

The formula is safe for humans, pets and environments. This greatly works in all environmental conditions and without causing any risks to other plants you have.
But, it should be placed on extra thick.



  • Works easily, safely and effectively.
  • Highly concentrated.
  • Eliminates and controls crabgrasses and other types of weeds.
  • Works great in clearing even hard surfaces, such as patios and walkways.
  • Check Badge
    Comes at an affordable price.
  • Needs to be put on extra thick.

02. Liquid Harvest Lazer Blue Concentrated Spray Pattern Indicator

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

What makes Lazer Blue one of our top picks is its budget-friendly feature. So, you don't need to depend on expensive fertilizer with crabgrass preventer because this product can give excellent result similar to that of high-quality crabgrass killers. A non-toxic solution, Liquid Harvest Lazer

Blue is intended to use with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. This crabgrass killer is such a perfect choice if you are looking for state of the art and cost-effective weed killing solution. Though, it may not be highly effective on other types of grass.



  • Marks lawns and grass instantly.
  • Shows where spray solutions have been used.
  • A safe, fast-acting solution to crabgrasses.
  • Can eliminate other variety of grasses.
  • Check Badge
    Non-staining and non-permanent.
  • May not be very effective on other grass types.

03. Target 6 Plus MSMA

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

An ideal post emergence control on sod farms, cotton, highway rights of way and golf courses, the Target 6 plus MSMA consists of a surfactant in exact proportion to achieve better results.

When used as suggested on the label, MSMA can kill and control post emergent crabgrass, sandburs, dallisgrass and any other noxious weeds in an instant for a total relief. Though this crabgrass killer concentrate is tough on weeds, your plants will not be affected.

You should apply enough amount of ingredients as per directed by the manufacturer or the label; otherwise the solution will not work.



  • Contains 48.3% active ingredients of Monosodium acid Methanearsonate MSMA.
  • The MSMA is ideal on sod farm, golf courses, cotton and highway rights of way for weed control.
  • Effective for eliminating and controlling thick and mature crabgrasses.
  • Leaves an even, beautiful look of your garden and lawn.
  • Check Badge
    Offers long lasting effect.
  • The solution may not work if wrong amounts of ingredients is applied.

04. Target 6 Plus (MSMA) 48.2% Turf Herbicide

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

Why is this product on top of our list? Target 6 Plus Turf Herbicide not only proves highly simple, safe and effective for getting rid of crabgrass, but also for eliminating other weeds frustrating intruders including chickweed, pigweed, nutsedge, Johnsongrass and dallisgrass.

Where to buy msma herbicide? Worry not as you will not have to exert too much effort and time to purchase this product. This MSMA crabgrass killer is intended for post emergent weed control.

Be that dallisgrass, barnyard grass, goose grass, sand burrs or other pesky little crickets, rest assured that you can fully achieve a beautiful, clean garden or lawn when you apply the product. While the MSMA is a great post emergent herbicide, it can pose a dangerous effect when used improperly.



  • Contains Monosodium acid Methanearsonate MSMA 48.3%
  • The MSMA can be used on Sod farm, Cotton and Golf courses as well as highway rights of way.
  • Works well when mixed with neem or castor oil soap sparys.
  • Kill and control crabgrass and other weeds quickly and safely.
  • The MSMA can be dangerous if not used properly.

05. Dimension 270G is a granular herbicide

Best Crabgrass Killer 2019: Top Picks for Better Lawn

The Dimension 270G Granular Herbicide offers pre emergence control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in industrialized lawn, decorative land areas and ornamental stuff such as tee boxes and golf course fairways. So far, there is no negative feedback about this crabgrass killer product, though you should always implement a safe use in your garden or lawn.



  • The formulation is easy to use.
  • Labelled for shrub beds and lawn.
  • One bag can cover about 15,000 square feet.
  • Kills and controls postemergence crabgrass and other little cricket.
  • Check Badge
    Can save your time, money and frustration.
  • Can pose risk when not used in an appropriate manner.


All of these crabgrass killers deserve a good try. But for me, the Surfactant for Herbicides stands out among the rest because it will not only assure a good-looking garden, but will keep irritating crabgrass to get out of control as well. As you work in eliminating this irritating pest, you will eventually notice that your efforts have met with success. 

Liked our reviews of the best crabgrass killers? Have other ideas of crabgrass killers that must be added to the list? Share us your thoughts through our comment section below. Also, don't forget to share it with other garden-conscious and garden buffs! 

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