05 Best Gorilla Grow Tent 2022: Which Is The Best Pick For You?

When we talk about purchasing a new tent, a lot of indoor growers are overwhelmed by lots of available options. With so many features, sizes and manufacturers, identifying the best grow tent for your own garden is an extreme challenge. In this review, I will discuss the different Gorilla Grow Tents that are famous for their features.

As you read through the review of the best Grow Tent by Gorilla, it is crucial to know the features of this grow tent. This brand is sought after for its designs. Apart from the dimensions of the grow tent, the several features are what will make the variance in your purchasing decision.


Gorilla Grow Tent - Product Comparison Table 

In case you didn’t know yet, grow tents by Gorilla have many features that will make it a lot easier to create a plantation inside your own home. If you are one of those people who wish to save your rear plants for the temperature fluctuation, or you want to start growing marijuana for research or just only want to grow vegetables and herbs, these tents are surely an ideal option.







Customer Reviews



Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4x4

49.5 x 11.5 x 6

Gorilla Grow Tent

3.9/ 5 stars


Gorilla Grow Tent 2'x2.5' -GGT22

24 x 30 x 71

Gorilla Grow Tent

3.9/ 5 stars


Gorilla Grow Tent 4' x 8'  GGT48

50.5 x 18.5 x 8.8

Gorilla Grow Tent

4.6/ 5 stars


Gorilla Grow Tent – 10 Feet Length x 10 Feet Width (Adjustable Height)

120 x 120 x 83

Gorilla Grow Tent

3.9/ 5 stars


Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 3x3

1 x 1 x 1

Gorilla Grow Tent

4.7/ 5 stars

Before you buy, equip yourself with everything you need to know about grow tent.

Grow Tent: What it is and why use it?

Grow tents are merely referred as a fabric which is wrapped around a frame that is made of metal poles. This structure is coated with a reflective material inside, so as much light as possible is used by the plants.

Besides, these kinds of tents differ from the known grow boxes since they are a lot more versatile and so easy to transport as well. On the other hand, grow boxes are less fragile and heavy. 


Nowadays, almost the majority of gardeners would use grow tents rather than the custom grow rooms or grow boxes.

Of course, you want to get the yields you desire, so it is crucial that you control the indoor growing environment. And so, the first line of defense regarding environmental control is through containing the garden in a confined space wherein grow tent excels a lot!

After considering grow tent, you could move on to the factors which influence the growth such as growing media, indoor grow lights, nutrients, system, and ventilation.

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Learn some grow tent tips now!

Tips: Grow Tent Setup, 2019: A Complete Guide You Need to Know

The Three Product Lines

Indeed, different individuals also have their various needs. With this, the solution is to have few options that will cater these diverse needs. So, Gorilla has created three product categories which include the following:

Original Grow Tents

By the large sizes of these tents, no doubt that the company is referred as Gorilla. These are considered as majestic grow tents compared to others and the ample space that influences the plants to grow larger might as well be adjusted higher through the use of a height extension kit.

Shorty Grow Tents

You might have a restrictive confined space wherein a large tent or a small one yet ill-fitting could be a bummer. So, these shorty grow tents address not just that, but they also allow those growers to utilize the indoor tents for the early stage of planting.


This category can also be adjusted using the 9 inches height extension kit that increases the height to 5’8 inches.

LITE Grow Tents

In some instances, the height of the space to use for an indoor grow tent is considered as an issue. Well, Gorilla has solved this matter by providing tents with lower starting height. Nevertheless, the great thing regarding this category is that it could be adjusted using the 1-foot extension kit.

I don’t think so if there are other companies out there that offer the same flexibility like this.

Gorilla has provided you the freedom to choose from their three product lines which would fit your needs appropriately.

Check out this video to know how to choose the right size of grow tent for you:

Features to Look For

Of course, aside from knowing the correct category or size for your needs, specific factors should still be considered once shopping for the best Gorilla Grow Tent. These features that you should look for are the following:

Rip and Heat Resistance

You will never need the tent to hold up to an extreme still it is something to look for. You will be dealing with hot lights which are hanging in the enclosed space and also some other electrical parts which are close to the water. Indeed, accidents could happen and you might want the grow tent to hold up to them.

Quality Reflective Material

Reflective properties of the interior walls are one of the most significant advantages if you use a grow tent. It will ensure that you are getting the most out of the indoor grow lights. But, not all reflective material is equally made. So, there is a need to look for tents which offer reflective Mylar.

Fabric Density and Strength

The density of the fabric is an integral part of the rip resistance. This density is mostly measured in Denier. It is best that you buy the most reliable material which you could afford. It would keep the smell and noise in the tent, and it would keep any airborne spores, diseases or pests out of the tent.

It is as well harder for the light to leak through the denser fabric.

Pole and Frame Strength

Grow tents are made by assembling the interlocking poles. There are manufacturers that would offer tents having height-changeable poles so there are an extra set of poles which could be attached to vertical supports making this as an excellent choice too. You should look for poles with snapping mechanism to lock them during assembly.

Corner Construction

Grow tents offer a plastic and three-prong corner which accepts the framing poles. Yes, these are great, but some line tents would have metal corner pieces. The best tents would use corners which have an interlocking snap piece in order to secure the poles in place and so ensuring that they wouldn’t wiggle out as you move the tent. This also prevents the catastrophic frame failure.

Number of Exhaust, Ventilation and

And also, look for the three kinds of ports on the grow tent including the exhaust, ventilation and cord ports. Exhaust ports are intended for more heavy-duty ventilation which includes ventilating the grow light. There should be at least one outtake and intake exhaust port.

Ventilation ports are usually flaps secured by Velcro which could be lifted for venting out the hot air. At least one port should be present on the tent. And you will need well-placed cord ports too.

I hope you can find grow tents with the features mentioned above.

5 Gorilla Grow Tent — Product Reviews

1. Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4x4

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4x4
Our rating

This Gorilla Grow Tent 4x4 in size is the ideal way to build an indoor growing environment as this product features high-quality and long-lasting material. Of course, you are aware that Gorilla is sought after to create top quality grow tents at the finest price. However, what most individuals don’t know is that the brand has a “lite line” that is only of a lower quality than the standard line, but half the price.

While this product is less durable overall, it has the best led grow light. Plus, it is still sturdier than the standard grows tent. It features a steel frame and a heavy duty zipper that is one of the sturdiest in the market.

  • Zippers will not allow you down.
  • Great value for money.
  • Use with hydroponics or soil.
  • The packaging is not discreet.
  • Strange to set up alone.

2. Gorilla Grow Tent 2'x2.5’

Gorilla Grow Tent 2'x2.5' -GGT22
Our rating

When we talk about grow tent, Gorilla is an industry heavyweight. The GGT22 is a small grow tent, which comes from the Lite Line. Even though it is significantly compact, you must get anywhere from ten to sixteen plants if you utilize a Sea of Green method and get the most of the growing area.

You wish to keep a controlled and secure growing environment. Its handy viewing windows lessen the frequency with which you should enter and exit the grow tent. That being said, you can save wear and tear on the zipper and keep an eye on your stuff from outside.

  • Observe plants via windows to keep controlled environment.
  • Steel frame extremely durable.
  • Strong zippers lessen weak points on the tent.
  • Limited instructions.
  • Tight cover.

3. Gorilla Grow Tent Feet Indoor Hydroponic Greenhouse Garden Room

Gorilla Grow Tent 4' x 8' GGT48
Our rating

This Gorilla Grow Tent 4x8 is 100 percent metal, offers sturdy frame, connectors, and interlocking. This grow tent is ideal for small plants, mothers, vegetative growth, and propagation like your polycarbonate greenhouse panels.

This model features heavy duty 1680 D thick tent fabric. It consists of a 12” foot height extender, big quality zippers, has an all metal frame and a roof insertion, which blocks infrared light. Its size is massive. The footprint is 4x8 feet. Apart from that, there’s an optional two-foot extender available.

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  • Tool pouch.
  • Waterproof floor pool.
  • Mesh covers over vent.
  • The packaging isn’t discreet.

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4. Gorilla Grow Tent – 10 Feet Length x 10 Feet Width (Adjustable Height)

Gorilla Grow Tent – 10 Feet Length x 10 Feet Width (Adjustable Height)
Our rating

Similar to Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5, this Gorilla Grow Tent 10x10 grow tent is another one of the best and high-quality tents from Gorilla. Everything is designed to the specific standards you expect from this reputable brand. Moreover, 1680 denier fabric is denser than that given on the tents of the massive bulk of the competition.

Its flood pool is extremely durable and just what you require so you can produce without thinking about accidents. If you prefer a significant tent capable of returning you 400 plants, you must give serious considerations to this one.

  • Height adjustable along with extension kit included.
  • High quality reflectivity.
  • Made to prevent light leakage.
  • Box isn’t discreet.
  • Size can be overwhelming.

5. Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 3x3

Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 3x3
Our rating

If you are searching for a great indoor grow tent, this is an affordable option available on the market today. This product is backed up with a wide number of features, which makes it an excellent item.

It’s priced affordably, and the good thing about it is that it offers free shipping. Aside from that, grow tent features an infrared blocking proof and very thick 1680D fabric. Its height can adjust along with a patent pending adaptable extension poles, which enables you to boost the tallness of the grow tent starting from 4’11’’ to 5’8’’.

  • Well built.
  • Can be extended by two feet.
  • Hold more weight.
  • Too short for an HPS lamp.
  • Zipper are quite sticky at first.
  • Box isn’t discreet.


To summarize this grow tent review, I could say that this brand can bring the best quality of taking care of your plant. For growing your plants, a lot of individual always desire something reliable and useful for their homes. No doubt, these Gorilla Grow Tent packages are surely high quality and flexibility to utilize for a very long period, compared to Apollo Grow Tent. It’s so easy to install, and it will not take you more than fifteen minutes to set up.

On the other hand, the best pick would be the Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4x4 due to its high unique features compared to the other Gorilla grow tents included above. So, if you are choosing from products by Gorilla, why not make this one on top of your options too.

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4x4

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4x4

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