5 Things to Consider When Installing Laser Lights

Laser lights add extra décor to the house during the festival season. It looks dazzling when it is creatively installed in your outdoor area. You can install these outdoor laser lights without spending too much time. There is a variety of colorful laser lights in two standard colors red and green.

With a click of a button, you can switch on these outdoor laser lights from within your home. Nowadays, most of the laser lights feature a built-in timer which helps you to preset the time in which the lights must be switched on and the time to automatically switch off. You can use laser lights for any special occasion to brighten the mood as it provides an amazing party effect with rapid red & green laser dots. You have to take care when choosing laser lights as the wrong choice can cost you money & frustration.

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The Best Tricks For Gardening near Your Septic System

Planting near a septic system is problematic for many gardeners. It is important home gardeners understand how septic works, how close to the system leach field and what you can safely plant and what types of plants to grow. With a little homework, you can safely incorporate your septic leach field into your overall garden design with good results.


When designing your home garden, LeekGarden recommends using living plants to create divisions and boundaries. This is especially useful to help mark out the area around septic drain fields and mark where it is safe to garden plants and trees that might harm the septic system.

How Septic Systems Work

Your home septic system collects and holds waste water from bathrooms, sinks and washing machines inside a large fiberglass or concrete box. Inside the tank, heavy waste and soil sinks down to the bottom while soapy or oily residues rise to the top of the tank. 


Live bacteria inside the tank break down the wastes and built-in baffles cause this sludge to remain inside the tank while the water is drained out into a leach field. Percolating through the soil removes impurities from the wastewater as it slowly seeps down to become groundwater. Penn State University Extension service recommends getting the sludge pumped out of most family home septic tanks every 2-3 years as the best way for managing liquid levels and preventing overflow. 

Explore for How a Septic System Works the video as below.

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How Close is Safe?

Now you understand what not to plant near or on a septic drain field, it is time to talk about why it is a great idea to plant things there. What to plant may be a problem when you realize just how many attractive types of plants will be suited to this location. Tall grasses like Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass prevent erosion and suck up a lot of the excess moisture from the field.


There are many beautiful groundcover plants and perennials that add curb appeal to the lot without damaging the septic system. Try planting Montauk daisies, coneflowers or daylilies. Bachelor buttons and irises will add lots of color to your landscaping design and require low maintenance. Learn more about what grows best in and on septic drain fields in your area. Your local Extension Service or full-service nursery will be happy to help with your design and plant choices.

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Ryobi R48110 Electric Riding Lawn Mower Review 2018 (Full Expert Reviews)

Landscape companies around the world have made it a standard practice to utilize riding lawn mowers in their businesses. Electric riding mowers are becoming more famous for residential homeowners too. Compared to the manual push mowers, electric riding lawn mowers have made it a lot easier for homeowners to manage their yard. However, the only question is which is the best electric riding lawn mower?

Here, I will tackle one of the most sought-after products when it comes to an electric ride-on lawn mower. I would be discussing its features, benefits, pros, and cons, and of course, I will provide some other alternatives aside from this best product. So, continue reading fellas!

Ryobi R48110 Electric Riding Lawn Mower Review

Choosing the best from among vast options isn’t an easy task rather a challenging thing experienced by most of us. Nevertheless, if you know exactly what you need, eventually you might be able to find the right pick. And good to know, I have found this Ryobi Electric Riding Lawn Mower.

If you have a smaller yard and you don’t like to deal with the gas engine and maintenance, an electric riding lawn mower like Ryobi RM480 is the ideal choice. The Ryobi makes use of twin 19 inches blade, which are driven by two brushless motors. That offers the mower with 38 inches cutting deck. Further, there are 12 height options for the deck. 

The Ryobi RY48110 Electric Riding Lawn Mower offers some great features, which includes LED highlights, cruise control, 12 cutting heights, a cup holder and a cell phone holder as well. It can charge with a standard 120-volt outlet and an all-electric engine that denotes a much quieter mowing experience. Apart from that, it offers zero emission and fumes too.

This mower is ideal for a yard up to two acres and works very well on steep hills. A limited three-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer. 




  • Control panel is more advanced.
  • Easy to read LED gauge for battery levels.
  • Offers 2-hour runtime.
  • Great on steep hills.
  • The location of the deck height lever is dislodged.
  • In some areas, the grass is more than unruly.

Ryobi 38" Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower RY48110

Ryobi Replacement Parts & Accessories

Whom is This Product For?

The Ryobi 38 in. battery electric riding lawn mower is ideal for those homeowners who are tired of using the conventional mower, which requires engine and gas maintenance. This item will offer you at least two hours of cutting time, just enough to organize up to two acres. If you have a broader and more prominent yard, you might prefer to opt for a zero-turn-radius rider that is easy to operate and less costly.

A man operating an electric riding lawn mower

A man operating an electric riding lawn mower

The Ryobi is also aimed at those people who are skittish when it comes to purchasing their first riding tractor. Compared to gas mowers, they don’t generate pollutants. On the other hand, if you prefer a lightweight spreader for your yard, you can always opt for Lesco spreader. These are especially made for use during the spring and summer seasons. With its two all-terrain wheels, it suits any environment.

Features & Benefits

The great news is that Ryobi offers a lot of features and benefits and these include:

  1. Three high powered brushless motors
  2. 38 inches two blade deck
  3. 12 position manual deck adjustment
  4. LED highlights
  5. USB charging, cruise control
  6. Quite cutting
  7. Approximately 2 hours of run time
  8. Battery powered: no fumes, no gas, charge and go
  9. Low maintenance: no filters, spark plugs or belts

And for the benefits:

The quietness of Ryobi is undoubtedly a plus because you can use it without hearing protection, and there’s no need for you to worry about disturbing the neighbors if cutting near the property line.

Check out this video to see how to start a riding lawn mower:

Via Youtube.com: RYOBI 38 in. Battery Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Customer Reviews

Several reviewers explained the accelerator pedal for its automatic transmission is quite sensitive. A few say they do not like having to brake on those downhill slopes. The Ryobi RY48110 is suggested for yards, which are majority flat up to two acres.


Aside from Ryobi, you will also find other great products accessible in the market. These include the following:

1. Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower

The Cub Cadet riding lawn mower is equipped with three endless hours. It features a powertrain together with a five-year chassis and front axle with partial lifetime contrived deck shell. It features LED highlights for prolonged life and enhanced visibility in all-weather cases. This sought after riding lawn mower offers a user-friendly steering system that aids in the simple navigation of the tractor.


XT1 Enduro Series LT 46 in. 22-HP V-Twin KOHLER Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower

2. Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mower

On the other hand, the Husqvarna electric riding lawn mower features a quick and constant variable transmission for a simple operation. Its engine begins with a speed and a foot pedal powers key. The sixteen-inch turning radius enables simple maneuverability. The cutting blade is 42 inches wide, and the mower offers air induction technology to maintain the cut length consistently.

Husqvarna electric riding lawn mower provides 18.5 HP 540cc Brigs and Stratton single cylinder engine. This is strong enough to slice on irregular terrain at least 15 degrees. The manufacturer offers a limited three-year warranty. Plus, this product is ideal for 2-acres yards, which may be uneven or flat.

3. John Deere Riding Lawn Mower

The John Deere riding lawn mower offers a 20 HP V-Twin, John Deere engine that provides a smooth ride and more power. 2-foot pedals enable it to move forward and in backward power the mower. Its high-back seat is adjustable to assist operators of different heights. Included in the electric riding lawn mower John Deere is cruise control, which helps maintain a continuous speed on significant areas.

Its blade can be adjusted to slice grass to cover a large area along with an 18-inch turning radius. Moreover, a manufacturer warranty is provided for the initial two years. This is a great mower to utilize in a yard, which has a lot of obstacles and might be inclined.

Discover more features of John Deere riding lawn mower here:

Via Youtube.com: Riding a New John Deere Lawn Tractor Home

FAQS & Additional Tips

And of course, let me provide you some FAQs about this product along with essential tips that will help you a lot!


Is It Backed Up By A Warranty?

Ans: Yes, the manufacturer provides a limited three-year warranty for the product.


My Lawnmower Is Damaged, How Can I Fix This?

Ans: For repair and service, Ryobi has 1800 authorized service centers throughout the US. You can call their customer service center at 1.800.860.4050.

Learn some ideas on how to take lawn mower cover of your equipment:

Via You tube.com: How to take the Cover of a 40V Ryobi Lawn mower


How to Maintain Your Electric Riding Lawn Mower?

Ans: Maintaining your lawn mower will boost the life of your equipment. Before each inspection, make sure that your disconnect battery or spark plugs. Reconnect it when done with the inspection. Each time you mow, make sure that you tighten loose fasteners. Ensure all deflector and shields are in place and not damaged. You need to clean debris and dirt from oil-fill and fuel-fill areas.


What to Do If the Mower Won’t Start?

Ans: The probable chance your electric mower won’t start is because the gas tank is empty. You need to check this if you encounter this issue. On the other hand, if you have last seasons’ gas in the tank, you need to drain it first and refill it with new gas. If it does not work, you can clean the spark plugs and clean or replace the air filter.


To conclude, after this Ryobi riding mower reviews, I can say that this machine is worthy to purchase. Its steel frame is lime green highlighted in black, and the 75-amp hour, batteries are contained beneath a comfortable, high back seat. Plus, with its neat design, rest assured that it won’t take up more space in your garage.

Do you like this review? Feel free to share your ideas about my review by posting your comments below! Don’t forget to hit like and share this post with your friends or family as well!

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Essential Elements: How to Create a Garden Based on Your Climate

Whether you're an avid gardener or inexperienced as a green thumb, having a beautiful outdoor space is something to which we can all aspire. Creating a wonderful garden doesn't have to be a chore, but hopefully, something to which you can find joy in doing.

However, when thinking about how to design a thriving garden, one should consider some essential aspects in terms of layout and care.

Now here are some tips and tricks on how you can make a stunning garden that will suit whichever climate you live in, and the best way to care for it.

Cook park Orange

Cook park Orange

How to Create a Garden Based on Your Climate

Now here are some tips and tricks on how you can make a stunning garden that will suit whichever climate you live in, and the best way to care for it.

No.1: Quench that thirst

The primary essential element of producing an acclimatized outdoor area is hydration. Unless you live in a desert landscape or plan to design a garden that needs minimal water, a functioning irrigation system is a must-have.

A garden irrigation system has an automatic design and takes all the work of watering your garden. Gardeners usually spend much of their time watering the plants, and an irrigation system is such an excellent garden addition to free up your time. Efficiency is another benefit of using an irrigation system. 

However, when it comes to the garden irrigation system, three options are being offered: soak, drip, and spray. Which one is right for you? 

  • Soak: It makes use of a soaker hose to supply the deep, slow watering that plants need. When the water is applied to the root zone, the foliage will get dry - which eventually helps in preventing any disease problems. Not to mention, soaker hose conserves water as well! Merely set the soaker hose along the plants and use a garden hose to cross pathways and any other areas in which you do not need water.
  • Drip: A good option for areas with hard water. Some stores offer a customizable kit that gives a consistent drip action. All you have to do is cut the drip line according to the lengths you need and organize along rows, which place the perforations to spread on the water to each plant. This type of targeted, deep-rooted, slow watering makes sure all the plants get the water they crucially need.
  • Spray: Especially when watering larger regions such as perennial plantings and ground covers, the sprinkler is the perfect garden solution. Just set up the sprinklers so that they apply water to plants. Mini sprinkler systems are also great for those with larger plantation areas. They throw water in large droplets which reduces evaporation throughout distribution.

From pumps to shut off valves, these can help to provide adequate drainage for your plants and save on your water usage, covering the basics and top priority in lawn and plant care.

No.2: Understand your climate

By understanding your climate, you will learn various things like the type of 'gardening zone' you are in and what that really means, how airflow and light have an impact to the plants and what you can do regarding it, how humidity or rainfall affect your garden, and so much more!

When designing the layout for your garden, think about what you want, but it can be wise to do some valuable research.

If you live in a cold climate zone, you don't want to be planting those such as tropical palm trees, which will die without proper care. That is not to say that plants aren't adaptable to specific environments.

Australia is a country of extremes, from cool and wet in the south to a humid and damp rainforest in the north, hot, desert in the west and cool coastal in the east. Lavender, for example, can stand harsh conditions in heat, but will also handle cooler regions.

No 3: Get to know your desired plants

Plants should be matched well to the environment that they reside in: the lighting, soil, and other climate conditions. Most likely, even professional gardeners could not make sun-loving plants, such as daisies, bloom in the shade. Well, here's good news for you – many plants are not very fussy!

By understanding your climate, you can have a better knowledge of which plants to select for your outdoor area. If you live in a place that is quite dry, the best can be those such as succulents, which store their own water.

It's also good to know what not to plant. If you want a low maintenance garden, then it is best not to plant annuals, as you have to replant them religiously to continue their cycle.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, green beans, and lettuce are among the most natural vegetables you can grow inside your yard. There are also plants that do not need water (e.g., lavender, lambs ear, and rosemary), whereas impatiens and hibiscus species can be ideal for rain-heavy, tropical regions since they need more water.

If you live in an area where you do not get lots of suns or in an urban environment, options like leafy greens will do best. Fresh herbs such as arugula, chervil, thyme, and marjoram all grow well in the shade. In general, you need to consider the soil moisture, the hardiness zone of your area, and the amount of sunlight your location gets when choosing the right plant for your place.

Nurseries and garden supply hardware stores can help guide you in what to sow in different conditions and how you can recycle by propagating from previous clippings.

No. 4: Different soils

We all know that we're all different. Well, your garden's landscape can be just that. Many plants thrive in different types of soil.

Not all are your rich clay soil and it is best to know whether you have acidic or alkaline soil, as it can help determine which plants will flourish and which will falter. Thompson and Morgan can help you see which plants will thrive in your soil type.

If you have alkaline soil that is chalky, try sowing those such as honeysuckle and lavender. Whereas if you live in a coastal region for example and have sandy soil, go for acidic suited plants like magnolias and camellias.

No 5: Understand the life cycle of your plants

First of all, let us know the different types of soil. We have six – clay, chalky, silty, sandy, loamy, and peaty soil.

  • Clay Soil – tightly packed and has a fairly uniform size. It is essentially rich in nutrients and holds the moisture, which keeps the plants hydrated. During spring, the clay soil warms up sluggishly and is dense to cultivate. This is mostly ideal for shrubs and perennials like Aster, Flowering quince, Bergamot and Helen's Flower. Gardeners may find it difficult growing soft berry crops and early vegetable crops in clay soil due to its compact and cool nature. Shrubs, fruit trees, and ornamental trees all grow well on clay soils.
  • Chalky Soil – is usually bigger grained and stonier than other soils. It is alkaline, free draining, and stony, as well as often overlays a limestone or stone bedrock. Chalky soils are good for bulbs, trees and shrubs like Madonna lilies, Mock Oranges, Lilac, Pinks, and Weigela. Even vegetables like sweet corn, cabbage, beets, and spinach also do well in this type of soil.
  • Silty Soil – feels foamy and soft, silty soils hold moisture and are generally very high in nutrients. If drainage is managed and supplied, this soil type is an excellent garden solution. Most fruit crops, vegetables, as well as grasses, climbers, shrubs, and perennials like New Zealand flax and Mahonia do well in silty soils.
  • Sandy Soil – easy to work, free draining, and quickly warms up during spring. Sandy soils tend to trickles nutrients when raining and dry out quickly, though, so the extra organic matter is highly needed in order to feed the plants and keep moisture. Peppers, collard greens, tomatoes, corn, strawberries, lettuce, squash, potatoes, parsnips, and carrots are among those who can grow in sandy soils.
  • Loamy Soil – feels a bit moist and fine-textured. Loamy soils have outstanding characteristics for lawns, shrubs, and gardening. Ideal for bamboos, shrubs, climbers, and tubers (e.g., Rubus, Black Bamboo, and Wisteria), this type of soil requires exhaustive management to avoid drying out and depletion.
  • Peaty Soil – may get waterlogged and holds a great amount of moisture, peaty soils are excellent for growing azaleas, rhododendrons, and other acidic lovers. It is also ideal for shrubs like Lantern trees, Heather, and Witch Hazel as well as vegetable crops like legumes, salad crops, root crops, and Brassicas. When you squeeze peaty soils, you will get a spongy feeling. It has a dark color and hardly found in gardens.


Contrary to belief, not all plants sprout and flower in spring. Many often think that their plants will die if they get winter frosts to them.

You don't want to plant tomatoes in summer, as this is the time you should be picking them off the vine, meaning they should be sown in autumn to reap the benefits.
Different plants are less active during the winter cycle. Lifehacker has a way to check how your plants may just be snoozing.

Now there are our tips on how to make your garden fit your climate. Simply follow them, and you might have such a beautiful garden matching the environment in your place. Happy gardening!

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How to Pick the Best Plants for Your Landscape (Proven Tips In 2018)

So, you’re planning to have those beautiful plants for your landscape? But, how great are you when it comes to choosing the right plants? Indeed, there are specific considerations once deciding for the best plants for your landscape.

It is your goal to make your landscape a lot more attractive, right? If yes, then be guided on how to pick the best plants to consider along with some tips on how you could plant them the right way. 

Guide to Picking Plants for Your Landscape

Consider the following factors once picking the best plants for your landscape:

Green lawn in a colourful landscaped formal garden

Green lawn in a colourful landscaped formal garden

Types of Trees

Of course, there will always be room for error. However, if you put a big tree in an area wherein it doesn’t belong, wouldn’t it be so annoying? So, what should you do to avoid such mistake?

When choosing a tree, you need to be very wise. Most trees could be slow growers, so this means that you need to wait almost numbers of years to gain the benefits of planting them. It is crucial that you should know what to expect first before you plant a tree.

Be familiar with the categories of trees, which include the following:

  • Flowering trees
  • Evergreen trees
  • Fast-growing trees
  • check
    Fall-foliage trees
  • check
    Dwarf trees

Garden Shrubs

Shrubs and green lawns

Shrubs and green lawns

You might as well consider shrubs, and some of them are good options for foundation plantings as they stay compact, so there is a need for a minimal maintenance only. Roses could be so favorite since they are appealing to both your nose and eyes.

There are also categories of shrubs that you might choose from such as the following:

  • Shrubs for all color
  • Flowering shrubs
  • Evergreen shrubs
  • check
    Fast-growing shrubs


Climber plant on wood plank

Climber plant on wood plank

Most homeowners would like to classify vines based on how they will be used in the landscaping. Due to their vigor and versatility, most gardeners love vines. However, there is a need for you to be very careful as you choose for the best vine. Most vines are considered as invasive plants.

Ground Covers

Cute small flower and green leaves in the garden

Some of the ground covers are referred as foliage plants, and with that, they aren’t popular as spectacular flowering displays though they have these attractive leaves. Blue Rug Juniper is a very popular ground cover for landscaping.

Nevertheless, many homeowners would want more from the ground cover. They want for it to bloom profusely and could prevent soil erosion too. With that, flowering ground covers might be considered.


Flower garden

Flower garden

Many would love flower gardening that is almost the same with growing perennials. If you don’t want to replant annuals yearly, then having some perennials which come up after year is considered to be a no-brainer for low maintenance.

You just have to remember that though they could be in low maintenance; still, they aren’t maintenance-free. You have to expect to perform certain tasks like dividing the perennials keeping them robust. And of course, you need to keep your lawn neat and clean.

Below are some of the categories of perennials:

  • Short perennials
  • Succulents and cacti
  • Long-blooming perennials
  • check
    Tall perennials like hardy hibiscus


And for annuals, three common options that you might consider are the following:

  • Decorating for Memorial Day
  • Bedding Plants
  • Injecting bursts of color to the landscape on an as-needed basis

However, choosing plants must depend on the shade or sun preferences like impatiens and red salvia.

Other Factors to Consider

Other than the ones discussed earlier, other factors must be considered. And these factors are as follow:

  • Pests that could ruin both the plant and the landscape so a good pest control product should be considered along with the weeds that might grow rapidly if you could not maintain your lawn so the best weeder should also matter.
  • How about drought conditions that you might experience? This is another matter to bear in mind.
  • The type of soil you are planning to have these plants is also a great consideration.

Landscape Plants: Tips on How to Plant Them Right

Now that you already have an idea whether what kinds of plants could best suit your landscape garden, it is best that you should also know how to plant them right. Each kind of the above mentioned landscape plant needs a slightly different method of planting and so knowing the right way must be considered.

Here, I will provide you some of the best methods you should try:


Planting Shrubs and Trees

Considered as the bones of the landscape plan, shrubs and trees must be planted first since it won’t trample the smaller plants while planting, the bigger ones. Besides, you will have an idea about the available space you have left for the smaller plants. In planting these kinds of plants, be careful to follow these:

  • Measure then mark the planting spot. You need to leave space in order for the mature size of the shrub and tree, both in height and weight.
  • There is a need to make sure that there are no underground pipes or wires to where you will dig.
  • And of course, dig the right size hole.
  • You also need to remove any pots or even peat pots.
  • Be wary about the root system of the shrub and tree.
  • It is also best to position them in the center of the hole.
  • Then, refill the hole with the same soil that you too out of it.
  • To settle the soil in the hole, it is advised that you water the shrub or tree. You should also put the stakes in now once you plan to stake the tree.
  • Remove any strings, tags or wires on the upper branches or pull off those damaged or broken limbs.
  • And finally, mulch the shrubs or trees with three inches of mulch.

Watch this video to learn how to plant shrubs:

Via Youtube.com


Planting Perennials

On the other hand, perennials should also be planted carefully. They are those plants that could live for numbers of years. But, most might die to the ground especially during winter and could go dormant. These plants are also best planted after you already situated the shrubs and trees.

And just follow these:

  • Select and mark the right planting spot for the perennials.
  • Then, prepare the holes or the best for the plants and dig these holes.
  • You also need to remove any pots such as peat pots then examine the root system as well.
  • Now, plant the perennials through setting them in the middle of the hole at the same time gently spreading the roots out and re-filling the hole around them using the same soil that you took out of it.
  • Finally, water the perennials properly to settle the soil and add mulch if you want.


Planting Annuals

Again, annuals are those plants which required to be replaced every year since they could only live for a season. They are utilized for color, and they could fill in around perennials. And they look best once planted in groups with the same species and colors.

  • Pick the right spot for the annuals. You might try moving them around the garden while still in their pots.
  • You need to remove any weeds or sods from the area where you will situate them.
  • Now, loosen the soil and work in some slow release fertilizer for the flowers.
  • Then, pop the annuals out the pot or cell pack and inspect the roots. If they grow in cell packs, they might have twisted roots at the bottom. So, you have to pinch the bottom off with the fingers and provide the rest of the root clump a bit squeeze to loosen it. If you can’t spread them out, pinch or cut the curled roots.
  • There is a need for you to dig holes that are as deep as the annuals which grow in the pots or cell packs.
  • pencil
    Put them in the holes and fill these holes with the loosened soil that you amended with the fertilizer. Avoid tamping down the soil.
  • pencil
    Water the plants carefully for the soil to settle and add more soil once the roots are exposed and water again.
  • pencil
    If desired, you might add mulch casually about an inch only

Simply follow the tips above carefully and you will surely have a beautiful landscape garden.


So, you now have an idea about which plant best suits your landscape, right? And you also have gained some important tips on how to plant the different kinds of plants. Are you planning to start showing your gardening skills now? Just bear in mind the things I have mentioned above for you to be guided throughout what you need to accomplish. Have a beautiful and attractive landscape by choosing the right plants!

Here’s a video to watch as to how to choose the best plants for landscape:

Via Youtube.com

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Metal Garden Hose Reviews November, 2018 (Proven Tips)

Yellow garden water hose reel cart on a grass lawn

Yellow garden water hose reel cart on a grass lawn

Similar to sprinkle heads, garden hose reel is also an essential component of our garden or lawn. We use it in our house and vehicle cleaning, besides gardening. And when it comes to a garden hose, metal water hose has been gaining popularity due to the excellent features and benefits it offers.

Let this article be your guide throughout your journey of finding the best metal garden hose that won't hurt your expectations and wallet. 

Best Metal Garden Hose Price List And Comparison Tables In November 2018 







Customer Reviews




Top Pick

17.5 x 14.8 x 3.5

(50 feet)

Quality Source Products

4.3/ 5 stars



10 x 3.9 x 10

(50 feet)

Inventel Products

4.2/ 5 stars



11.8 x 3.9 x 11.8

(50 feet)


3.8/ 5 stars


Stainless-Steel-Garden-Hose-Lightweight Metal Hose-Meta-Garden-Hose-Reviews

12.6 x 12.1 x 5.2

(100 feet)

Touch USA

3.9/ 5 stars



7 x 7 x 7

(100 feet)

Bionic Steel

3.5/5 stars

What is a Metal Garden Hose?  

The woman spraying her lawn with some water with a metal hose reel

The woman spraying her lawn with some water with a metal hose reel

One of the heaviest duty garden hose available in the market, the metal garden hose is usually made out of either steel or aluminum and can be placed on the ground or mounted on the wall. Some are designed for functionality, while others are crafted to upgrade the style of any yard. For instance, you can find metal water hose l in a cart or with wheels so maneuvering it through your garden is relatively easy.

The metal hose is very robust and typically lasts longer compared to other hose materials. This is really a good investment that can last a lifetime.

Benefits of Metal Garden Hose

Having an outdoor metal garden hose is both necessary and vital for some reasons:

  • Safety of your family. With a hose that is made of metal, you can assure that any potential hazards related to garden hoses will now be gone. You can allow the kids to enjoy their play in the garden while ensuring their safety.
  • Leak prevention. By storing the hose after every use, you can easily see if it is leaking. This can help you save water.
  • Extends the hose's lifespan. You can prolong the life of your hose for up to five years since it is safely and properly stored.
  • check-circle-o
    Kinks prevention. By using a metal hose, you can guarantee that it is stored properly after every use.

How to Store the Metal Garden Hose?

Storing a shrink garden hose is made easier and quicker, merely follow these simple steps.


A properly stored metal hose reel

  1. Turn the water off to the hose.
  2. Hold your hose some feet from the spigot.
  3. Bend or curve a loop in the hose, around 3 feet in diameter.
  4. Keep hold of the hose, extent a foot or two out of the spigot and create another loop in the direction similar to that of the first loop.
  5. Create loops and pile them on top of each other until you have coiled the entire hose.

Or, you can watch the video below:

Via Youtube.com: How to Store a Hose

Factors to Consider

Now, how would you pick the best product for your gardening or cleaning needs? Take these critical factors in mind for a satisfying acquisition.

Length of Hose

The longer hose is actually not better because it will not only cost you more but will also make it heavier for you to move around. Measure the furthermost distance from your spigot. Purchase just a hose that goes above that.

Wall Mounted or Portable?

A portable stainless-steel garden hose is ideal if you will take the reel with you, while a wall-mounted version is better if you want the component in a semi-permanent place.


Ease of Assembly

A metal garden hose storage box can be a better alternative if you don't have the skill needed for mounting the hose reel.


Obviously, your budget should always be considered when purchasing a hose reel. As possible, balance out the quality and cost.

5 Best Metal Garden Hose — Product Reviews

01.  Metal Garden Hose By QSP, Stainless Steel with Brass Sprayer


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3/4" Garden Hose Quick Connector Value Pack
PLG - Lawn & Patio
$13.50 - $4.85 $8.65

Last update on 2018-10-05 PST - Details

Probably one of the most popular and best performing stainless steel garden hose reels out there, the QSP 50' Metal Garden Hose is durable enough to stand the test of time. The top-quality brass fittings are what makes the item unique among other models, plus the couplings are built from top-quality brass to help prevent leaks, even compared to hercules hose reviews.

 It is quite resistant to tearing and rust. Also, the reel doesn't kink and tangle easily. On the other hand, it can get scorching in the sun, and the small interior doesn't allow as much water through altogether.



  • Made of top grade stainless steel
  • Quality guaranteed
  • thumbs-o-up
    Doesn't leak
  • thumbs-o-up
    Will not kink and twist
  • thumbs-o-up
    Dog-proof, thornproof, and lifeproof
  • thumbs-o-up
    Light to carry around
  • Has narrow interior
  • thumbs-o-down
    Can get extremely hot in the sun

02.  Forever Steel Hose 50' 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose


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Another light weight garden hose, the Forever Steel Hose is kink-free, durable, easy to use, lightweight, and stronger than ever. Definitely, worth the bucks! Just like other metal garden hoses but much lower in cost, the Forever Steel features a high-pressure hose that sprays farther than standard hoses and is highly durable.

It is leak proof, puncture proof, weatherproof, dog proof, and thorn proof. The advanced flex steel hose design keeps working in all conditions and never kink or tangle. However, the reel may easily tear when not properly used or maintained.



  • Extremely durable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • thumbs-o-up
    Will never tangle or kink
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy to use
  • thumbs-o-up
  • thumbs-o-up
    Stays cool to touch
  • May easily tear

03.  BEAULIFE Strong 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose with Nozzle 50ft


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If you want a reasonably priced stainless garden hose without compromising the overall quality, go for BEAULIFE Strong Metal Garden Hose. This is a robust hose reel made of finest 304 stainless steel, making it long-lasting and swell-proof. Also, it is kink-resistant and tangles proof.

A stainless steel garden hose nozzle is included to do your cleaning or gardening a lot easier and hassle-free. This reel, however, has a strong chance of leaking.



  • Lightweight and portable
  • Tangle-free and kink-free
  • thumbs-o-up
    UV ray resistant
  • thumbs-o-up
    Puncture resistant
  • thumbs-o-up
  • Has a possibility of leaking

04.  Stainless Steel Garden Hose, Lightweight Metal Hose with Free Nozzle

Stainless-Steel-Garden-Hose-Lightweight Metal Hose-Meta-Garden-Hose-Reviews

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This metal garden hose is lightweight, flexible, kink-free, and puncture proof. It is an excellent hose reel made out of durable and reliable stainless material. The Metal Garden Hose 100' 304 is engineered for use with any water pressure and even in the toughest exteriors. It promises to live longer than other garden hose reels as it boasts a heavy-wearing built that is tear proof, puncture proof, and dog proof.

Whether it is in the garden or yard, this reel is assured to meet any of your hose reel needs and requirements. What I don't like a bit about this metal hose is that it costs extra compared to regular hoses.



  • Made of superior materials
  • Features extendable design
  • thumbs-o-up
    Sturdy hose
  • thumbs-o-up
  • thumbs-o-up
    Stands wear and tear
  • Quite costlier

05.  Bionic Steel 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose - Lightweight


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Gilmour Heavy Duty Thumb Control Watering Nozzle
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation-Water Gardening - Lawn & Patio

Last update on 2018-10-05 PST - Details

Looking for a long-lasting and durable metal garden hose that is tear resistant as well as can withstand dog bites, thorns, and other sharp objects? Then the Bionic Steel is what you need! It is also rust resistant, which makes it highly durable in spite of the mild or severe exposure to harsh weather and exposure.

The hose is lightweight so carrying it with you is a stress-free task, plus it is flexible because of the latex coating within. But, the hose is a bit narrow, and it may tangle if you don't keep it in a straight line.



  • Durable, lightweight, and kink-free
  • Resistant to heat and ice
  • thumbs-o-up
    Corrosion and rust proof
  • thumbs-o-up
    Tear-proof and very flexible
  • thumbs-o-up
    Can be rolled easily for easy storage
  • Quite a narrow hose
  • thumbs-o-down
    Chances of tangling


With the products we've reviewed here, you are sure to get the highest value for your hard-earned bucks. If you have been searching for a premium quality metal reel to keep your hose properly organized, then you may want to consider QSP 50' Metal Garden Hose and you will never fall over your hose again. Convert your effort into success with QSP 50' Metal Garden Hose!

I hope our metal garden hose reviews have helped you a lot. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Don't forget to like and share!

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Koblenz Pressure Washers Review 2018: Koblenz HL-410 V 2200-PSI

Being an advocate of a clean home and surrounding, I always freak out whenever I found any mud, spots, or anything on the floor either inside or outside my house and try all possible ways to get rid of them. I've been trying to remove then with chemical and brush, only to get tired and failed at the end of the day.

The Koblenz pressure washers didn't exist during this time, but I wish it did. The product really does a great job of cleaning black spots, mud, paint, and any other dirt and stains on the floor. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Electric Pressure Washer

High-pressure cleaner, terrace

High-pressure cleaner, terrace

One of the must-have tools for both residential and commercial applications such as garden hose reel and pro leaf blower, the electric pressure washer is the primary solution due to some incredible reasons. These include great for removing peeling paint, grease, deep-seated dirt, and graffiti from siding, asphalt, outdoor power equipment, lawn furniture, decks, concrete, etc. and cost-effective. 

But before going to the market and buying one for your residential or commercial cleaning needs, you should first consider some important aspects to help you find the right product. 


The best way to know if your preferred electric pressure washer is made from premium quality materials and parts is to look for product specs. Pressure washers with PVC plastic hoses and plastic bodies are good for light cleaning purposes. As possible, look for one with brass fittings at connection points.

Weight and Size

Don't go for an overly heavy and bulky pressure washer because maneuvering it would be tough on your part. Sometimes, you may find pressure washers that are overly lightweight but beware of this model since they are not constructed from quality materials and solid parts.

Pump and Motor

The recommended motor of a pressure washer is 12-14 amps because anything below may not be capable of supporting high PSI and anything above may tend to blow a fuse and overload the circuit breaker.
When it comes to pumps, there are two designs you'll run into:

  • Axial pumps – bulkier and less efficient, though offer a lot of pressure to water sprays.
  • Triplex pumps – makes for a more efficient, smaller machine.

Those with a tight budget may consider getting a pressure washer with triplex pumps since it is not pricier than axial ones.

The Flow Rate and PSI

These are very important as they can make or break your cleaning routine. A pressure washer with a low flow rate and high PSI offers a very thin and strong spray of water, while a machine with high flow rate and high PSI offers a broad, strong spray of water to make the cleaning task quicker.

Other Important Specifications

Now, you may consider the accessories like interchangeable nozzles for controlling the power of spray, extension cord and extra-long hose for increasing the overall array of movement you have with it, and storage feature for the cord and hose for making the machine's storage and wind up a lot easier.

About Koblenz HL-410 V Powerful 2200 psi Electric Pressure Washer

Powerwasher 80006 Universal Pressure Washer Garden Hose Quick-Connect Kit
Powerwasher - Lawn & Patio
$13.37 - $1.88 $11.49

Last update on 2018-10-05 PST - Details

The Koblenz pressure washers are a real synonym of great power. The powerful 2200 PSI motor is able to clean nearly anything in its way, plus the automatic stop system helps save water and makes our life a lot easier. For those who are green technology-conscious, then this device is such a perfect fit.

It only utilizes around 80 percent of the water you'd have used by a standard garden hose and uses a low electricity level as well. The device's power helps to complete any cleaning job you are doing in just a short span of time. Plus, achieving a professional cleaning is not impossible since the pressure washer is user-friendly. 



  • Small and compact.
  • Features automatic shut off.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Rugged shell.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy to maneuver.
  • thumbs-o-up
    The length of hose is perfect for medium and small jobs.
  • thumbs-o-down
    Hose length is not ideal for bigger jobs.
  • thumbs-o-down
    Requires a three-prong extension cord/electrical outlet.
  • thumbs-o-down
    Some trouble with the setup.

Watch this to learn testing the Koblenz 2200 Pressure Washer:

Via Youtube.com

Features and Benefits

There are various features and benefits we can expect from the device, and our Koblenz pressure washer reviews will tackle each of them.


  • Comes with a 2200 PSI motor which gives the Koblenz pressure washer the power to clean even those surfaces that are hard to reach.
  • Small size which makes it very flexible to use in all situations, like cleaning your boats, house, and car.
  • Large rear wheels and ergonomic handle for easy transportation.
  • check
    The high-pressure washer hose has a minimal 1.32 GPM water flow, allowing you to get even the dirtiest area perfectly clean in just a matter of minutes compared to a regular garden hose.
  • check
    Features ASS or Automatic Stop System that helps reduce hassle when using the pressure washer.


  • Environmentally friendly: Koblenz pressure washers are especially ideal for environment enthusiasts as it doesn't give fumes to the environment, keeping the environment healthy and clean.  
  • Cleans even the toughest filth: One day, I used to clean oil tinge from my garage. It took me more than one hour to finish my job. To worsen the situation, there's no difference even after hard cleaning. I tried the Koblenz pressure washer to clean similar garage and in just 15 minutes, my garage looked like new again. All thanks to the washer's high pressure, I'm now able to remove all kinds of tough dirt like grease and oil stain. 
  • Highly portable: Carrying the pressure washer from one place to another is not an issue. It is small in size and lightweight enough to be easily transported.​​​​
  • check
    Doesn't produce any noise: Another benefit of owning Koblenz water pressures is that you won't disturb another person in your house as well as your neighbor when using it since it is very quiet, unlike gas pressure washers. ​​​​
  • check
    Cost-efficient: When it comes to price point, Koblenz really knows how to attract me. It is low in price compared to gas washers. You don't have to hire a cleaner from outside to do the job on your behalf, because the pressure washer will save the day. ​​​​
  • check
    Easy storage: Simply remove all the parts of the device and keep on the provided storage. The best part here is that the machine looks compact after storing it.

Alternatives Pressure Washers

If you think the Koblenz electric pressure washers don't fit your personal preference or budget, then these alternatives could be one of your ideal options.

Alternative 1: Stanley SLP2050 2050 PSI 2-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer

Stanley SLP2050 2050 psi 2-in-1-koblenz-pressure-washers

Last update on 2018-10-05 PST - Details

The Stanley SLP2050 is equipped with enough cleaning power to make cleaning vehicles, decks, and outdoor furniture a breeze. The tri-axial washer pump and universal motor greatly contribute to removing any kind of filth.




  • 2050 PSI power.
  • Professional grade bass connectors.
  • Innovative design that can be used with or without a cart.
  • Soft flexible high-pressure hoses.
  • Uses 80% of water.
  • Versatile and lightweight.
  • Adjustable cleaning power.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy to use.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Ideal for decks, outdoor furniture, trucks, cement, pools, pavement, animal cages, etc.
  • thumbs-o-down
    The M22 fittings' male plug is .587-diameter inch, hence you won't connect accessories with .544-diameter inch M22 fittings.

Alternative 2: Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM

Sun Joe SPX-TSN-34S Quick-Connect Turbo Head Spray Nozzle
Snow Joe - Lawn & Patio
$19.99 - $4.73 $15.26

Last update on 2018-10-05 PST - Details

I was impressed with Sun Joe SPX3000 as it helped me clean my households efficiently. It is a versatile device equipped with enough power as well as great when it comes to function and performance.




  • Powerful 14.5 amp/1800-watt motor.
  • Total stop system.
  • Includes dual detergent tanks.
  • Handy trigger spray/gun wand holder.
  • 20-foot pressure hose and 35-foot power cord with garden hose adaptor.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with extra big wheels.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Allows you to choose the output you'd like to use suited to your cleaning needs.
  • thumbs-o-up
    The detergent selector helps get rid of dirt effortlessly.
  • thumbs-o-down
    Doesn't include an assembly instruction.
  • thumbs-o-down
    The nozzle cleans up a bit of area that is quite narrow at about 4-5 inches width.

Alternative 3: Power Pressure Washer 2300 PSI Electric


Last update on 2018-10-05 PST - Details

​As a pressure washer for homeowners, the home depot high Power Pressure Washer is definitely an ideal option. The controls are straightforward and intuitive, the pipe connections are easy to handle and access, plus the maintenance is not a problem.




  • Brushless electric energy.
  • Nozzles and wand.
  • Cable and tube.
  • Total Stop System.
  • Comes with 20 ft long hose and 30 ft long power.
  • Sleek.  
  • Available in numerous color options.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Energy efficient.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Emits very low level of sound.
  • thumbs-o-up
    All-purpose wheels.
  • thumbs-o-down
    Turbo nozzle is not included.
  • thumbs-o-down
    May be susceptible to damage due to its plastic support.
  • thumbs-o-down
    Quite costly.


Overall, the Koblenz pressure washer is really a good product both for a great cleaning around the house and for commercial cleaning situations. It is easy to transport and can reach even the toughest areas to ensure a perfect clean.

Like and share. What's your experience using the pressure washer? Share them through the comment below! 

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Best Garden Hose Reel November, 2018 (Top 5 Expert Review & Picks)


Reel with hose and sprinkler in the garden

Buying the best garden hose reel is not like laying sod – there are various considerations and processes involved that are more complex. The struggle is real especially when it is about complementing well with your budget. 

Whether it is keeping your gorilla grow tent or beautiful garden, a good hose reel will make watering a lot easier and stress-free. So, here's our hose reel reviews to help narrow down your choices!

Best Garden Hose Reel - Product Comparison Table November, 2018

Let us take first a short glimpse of the best water hose reel we've found in the market that would not hurt your wallet but is designed not to disappoint you with their high-quality construction and optimum performance.







Customer Reviews



Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway

Top Pick

26 x 21 x 23.75


3.9/ 5 stars


Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Garden Hose Reel

15 x 22.8 x 15.4

Liberty Garden Products

4.5/5 stars


Yestar Plastic Garden Water Hose Reel

20.2 x 17.8 x 11.5


3.9/5 stars


Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel

20.9 x 11 x 18.5

ikris Home & Garden

4.0/5 stars


Eley/Rapid Reel Garden Hose Reel Model 1041

20 x 9 x 19

Rapid Reel

4.9/5 stars

5 Best Garden Hose Reel — Product Reviews

From among the vast options that are available these days, choosing the right one could be confusing. So, I picked the top five products. Here are the reviews of the products you might choose from:

1. Suncast Swivel Hose Hideaway – Editor’s Pick

Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway

If you need a hose reel you can transport from one area of your outdoor space to another, and then you can try the Suncast 100 ft hose hideaway. It's such a budget-friendly option for those in the lawn care or landscaping business.

It is a stationary hose reel with a capacity of 225 ft long hoses, making the winding and unwinding a real breeze. It guaranteed you wouldn't have any problem with incorrect handling or unwanted tangling, twisting, or kinking the hose.

But, you may have some issues with its quality control.



  • Built from durable plastic
  • Massive hose capacity
  • thumbs-o-up
    Automatic garden hose reel
  • thumbs-o-up
    Includes base swivel for easy hose unwinding
  • thumbs-o-up
    Stakes hold base firmly to the ground
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy reeling with minimal effort
  • thumbs-o-up
  • Some issues with quality control

2. Liberty Garden Products Decorative Cast Aluminum Garden Hose Reel – Runner Up/Alternative Pick

Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Garden Hose Reel

One of the best wall mount hose reels out there, and the Liberty Garden Products 704 is constructed from a rust-free aluminum material that ensures reliability and durability of use.

This hose reel can be able to hold up to 125 feet hose and offers convenience in rewinding, using, and storing it. It has an added five feet leader hose, making it a must-have item in your garden accessories! Well-shaped and efficiently designed, this one is a gift item perfect for your friend who loves gardening.

Though, there is no cover included when you buy this item.



  • Made from heavy gauge cast aluminum
  • Boasts a traditional design
  • thumbs-o-up
    Solid powder coat finish
  • thumbs-o-up
    Premium quality connectors and feeder hose
  • thumbs-o-up
    Big storage for long hose
  • thumbs-o-up
    Weather proof and rust proof
  • thumbs-o-up
    Can hold up to 125-foot of 5/8 in hose
  • Doesn't include cover

3. Yestar Plastic Garden Water Hose Reel – Budget Pick


For budget-minded shoppers, the Yestar Plastic Garden Hose Reel is perfectly designed for you.This Bampton bay hose reel is lightweight (can be hung on the wall or hand-carried) and easy to assemble and use.

You can use the 83.4 feet hose and improved high-pressure hose nozzle for any of your spraying need whether on the porch, in the garden, around the lawn, or anywhere else outside. The hose automatically locks and stop in the place you desire. But sometimes, this hose reel may disappoint you a bit as it sometimes gets stuck.



  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose garden hose
  • thumbs-o-up
    Adjustable angle
  • thumbs-o-up
    Automatic rewind
  • thumbs-o-up
    Includes lock mechanism
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy to set up and use
  • thumbs-o-up
    Up to 2-year warranty
  • May get stuck sometimes

4. Ikris Garden Water Hose Reel – Upgrade Pick


Considered as one of the best retractable water hose reels available in the market, Ikris boasts six various capacities to select from, which range from 25 feet to 120 feet. This durable hose reel features a detachable panel to allow easy cleaning of the panels and built-in handles that are easy to carry.

When unwinding the hose, a lock stop is offered to stop it at a particular place without requiring you to begin to retract it backward or continuously unravel it.

The reliable way garden hose reel cart has a share of a drawback, too. So far, the only issue I've encountered using this hose reel is that it doesn't retract the full-length in.



  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • thumbs-o-up
    Swivels 180°
  • thumbs-o-up
    Features removable case for winter storage
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with the nozzle, hose, and mounting hardware
  • thumbs-o-up
    Available in various hose size ranges
  • The retractor not reeling hose in entirely

5. Eley/Rapid Reel Garden Hose Reel – Best Wall Mount Hose Reel for Quality


If you're looking for a high-quality hose reel with compact design, the Eley/Rapid Garden Hose Reel will definitely make you smile. It offers a considerable storage capacity to keep your park, farm, or yard organized.

Eley hose reel has a brass swivel and aluminum built, with a big storage capacity of up to 150 feet long. It comes with six-foot-long rubber bay hose with crush-proof brass fittings, fulfilling any of your gardening purposes. Whether you are left or right handy, this bley wall mount hose reel is very usable.

However, the hose guide is not included as well as the shelf for keeping accessories. 



  • Rust proof materials construction
  • Portable
  • thumbs-o-up
    Reeling up and pulling out is easier
  • thumbs-o-up
    Manual brake
  • thumbs-o-up
    Massive hose storage
  • thumbs-o-up
    Come with 10-year warranty
  • No hose guide and shelf

What is a Garden Hose Reel?


A garden hose reel

Gardening helps us in strengthening our mind, though it requires plenty of necessary tools. While a lawn needs a fertilizer spreader, weeder, and a weed spray for a beautiful lawn, a grass seed to make the grass lovelier and healthier - a hose needs a hose reel to ensure its good condition and long lifespan.

One of the essential garden tools, a garden hose reel is a better tool for storing hoses and preserving it efficiently. It is a cylindrical spindle which operates by rendering a motor driven or hand-cranked machine to roll up the water hose pipeline. With this, the water pressure doesn't wane, not to mention it helps to make your garden look cool and clean as it should be.

What some lawn owners and gardeners do not know is that hose reels can be a huge help in improving the irrigation capabilities and ensuring an adequately maintained and greener garden. Besides, water hose reels prevent the water hose pipe from any potential damage (e.g., harsh weather).

Watch this video to learn how to attach the garden hose to reel:

Via Youtube.com

How to Pick the Best Garden Hose Reel?


Hose pipe on a wheeled reel

Various models and types are nearly available, which makes the buying decision quite confusing. Thus, it's always an excellent idea to look at our garden hose reel reviews.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Materials are the first thing you should consider about hose reels since they had to stay in outside of your house. Make sure it is rust-proof and has a robust and vigorous construction to withstand all weather conditions.

Capacity and Size

For long garden hose rolls, larger products with a high weight capacity are ideal. It should match to your hose's length to ensure a perfect job.


In this case, you need to consider your purpose for using the hose reel. For instance, a 25 feet hose would be better for covering a small rooftop or veranda.


Think about the weight of the hose reel. Ensure it can really help you in moving the hose around with comfort.

Lockable Feature

If you're after security, look for a hose reel with the lockable feature. After all, several brands offer hose storage lock system.

Retractable Water Hose Reel

For those with long garden or simply want to save energy from reeling the hose in, a retractable water hose reel is such an ideal option. It is easy and quick to use.

Benefits of Using Garden Hose Reel

Having discussed the hose reel's purpose, we will now scrutinize the benefits of using it than storing it randomly.

Hose protection

Reels are such an excellent way for protecting your hose from extreme weather conditions and UV rays during winter seasons and summer days since it is covered in a protective case.

Prevents binding

No one wants to deal with hose knotting in a number of hours, right? Thanks to hose reel, the possibilities of kinking or knotting are greatly reduced.

Minimize leakages and damage

Hose reels lessen the wear and tear of the hose, hence, fewer leakages. Such a cost-efficient solution.

Improve efficiency

With a reel, you can have an easy control of your hose. Determining how much of the house you are going to need solely depends on you.


Having your hose securely protected means long-term of use since damages and wear and tear are less likely to occur. So, your investment is completely safe!


Now, you're doing less work in the yard or garden. Your tools will do all the work on your behalf, and all you have to do is just to operate them.

How to Use Garden Hose Reel

Using garden hose reel for your next gardening activity is pretty simple. The method of utilization merely depends on the type of hose you have in the garden.

So, let's take a look at these different reel types and learn how to properly use them.

  • Powered Hose Reels: powered by electricity, air, or water for winding up the water pipe. This is usually popular in the industries.
  • Manual Hose Reels: features a crank which utilizes a handle mounted to a drum. You have to turn the handle in order to coil the pipe.
  • Spring Hose Reels: makes use of a spring system to rewind the hose. It saves time and doesn't need physical work.

Now, here are some important tips to bear in mind on using the hose reel.

  • 1
    Placement. Especially those with freestanding reel, getting a mounted reel to mount on the walls outside close to your backyard or garden is much more recommended as it will help you save some space. Make sure to place the hose reel in an area where it's less possible to be damaged.
  • 2
    Dimension and length. Ensure your pipe have the right length for your reel's structure; otherwise, it may get twisted, kink, or damaged. If your pipe is too long, cut it using a sharp pruning shear. Make a perfectly straight cut.
  • 3
    Handling. Do not pull out your pipe in a swift manner as it can greatly contribute to damage. Here, hose reel placement plays an integral part to prevent potential damage to your garden hose.
  • 4
    Storage and maintenance. Store your hose reel out of direct sunlight because the UV rays tend to break and crack the pipe's outer lining. It can also damage the inner tube of the pipe. Keep it clean, but avoid using cleaners that contain harsh chemicals – damp clothing will do.

Our Recommended Product

All of the products listed above are the best garden hose reels you'll bump into the market. If you want the best hose reel cart with wheels, then we suggest you need to ensure the highest quality product as possible. If you want to give value to your hard-earned bucks, the Suncast CPLSSM200B is sure to be a good option (our most favorite so far!). Durable, portable, easy to operate, and above all, budget-friendly! 

I bet you don't want your top pick to be not included, so share them below. We'd be glad hearing from you! Like and share, too! 

Discover More:

Best Sprinkler Heads 2018 Buying Guide (Updated)

The sprinkler head has recently been enjoyed using by gardeners. In fact, what are its pros? According to the recent studies, most homeowners minimize the water bill in a significant way when they optimize their sprinkler system. In particular, use the right type of sprinkler head for your plants to make sure the proper water amount and absorption.

So, should I choose what type is suitable? Which one is the best sprinkler heads? Yes, answers are in this article. Read to know more!


Sprinkler head watering in park

Find the Best Sprinkler Heads in Keep with Your Needs

Types of Sprinkler Head

Say to the best sprinkler heads 2018, there are many different types on the market you can select. Here are…

1)	Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

1. Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

This model is very enjoyable. Frequently, people use it for the small commercial or residential sprinkler need. It has been equipped a nozzle with a variety of the spray patterns (quarter circle, full arc, or half-circle), so the pop-up sprinkler heads provide a constant water stream.

Impact Sprinkler Heads

2. Impact Sprinkler Heads

This sprinkler head type can meet the multiple or single stream of water, thanks to the covered design. A spray radius can reach up to 150 feet while the ability to distribute water in an arc type is pretty large ~ 40-360 degrees. Accordingly, it is an ideal option for areas having a well water.

Gear-Driven Sprinkler Heads

3. Gear-Driven Sprinkler Heads

The from-medium-to-large sprinkler systems are your demand, aren’t they? Well, it would be best to choose to use the gear-driven type. They are commonly utilized, owing to the flexibility, the quiet motor, and the affordable price, especially, less maintenance.

Turf Rotors

4. Turf Rotors

Look at the parks, large commercial centers, or golf course, you are easy to see the turf rotors running. The pressure to operate is approximately 100 psi and its full radius are not under 100 feet. Compared to the common plastic model, the brass heads are more durable.

Benefits of installing a Sprinkler Head

Nowadays, a great number of homeowners choose to use the sprinkler heads to optimize their watering system. So, what benefits do they have? Particularly, here are…


 1. Save

Those who get used to installing the sprinkler system admit that it helps to save significantly. Don’t have to spend too much time and effort to water in time. Through a timer, the sprinklers will automatically water your lawn as you have set.


2. Safety

The sprinklers are safer than the hose. You do not have to worry about tripping when your children or pets are playing. When you need to water your lawn, the sprinklers start popping up out of the ground and disappearing when finishing. They are not only safe but also aesthetical.

The optimal amount of water

3. The optimal amount of water

This is a dominant feature that other systems do not have. Whatever how the external weather is, the sprinklers only provide a sufficient amount of water, thanks to the soil moisture sensors.

Automatic Sprinklers Watering

4. Water whether you go away

Sometimes, you are out of your home, working or traveling, for instance. At that time, the sprinkler will automatically water your lawn. In this way, prevent a yellow lawn when you come back home.

05 Best Sprinkler Heads Price List In November, 2018

Which best sprinkler head brand is reliable? You are still wavering rotor vs. spray sprinkler heads, right? Yes, it’s high time to give a decision. Based on my research and experience, I want to share the best models with you, particularly,…







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Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler, Adjustable 20° - 360° Pattern, 20-41' Spray Distance

Top Pick

2 x 6 x 8

Rain Bird

4.2/5 stars


Rain Bird 1804VAN - 4 Professional Pop-up Sprinkler - 5 Pack - Adjustable Pattern (0 to 360 Degrees)

9.5 x 2.5 x 6

Rain Bird

4.0/5 stars


Hunter PGP-adj Rotor Sprinkler Heads - 4 Pack - Includes Adjustment tool

10.5 x 3 x 8

Hunter Industries

4.3/5 stars