5 Vegetables You Can Still Grow Over Winter


Vegetable garden in late winter

Following a diet based on as many whole, fresh foods as possible while avoiding fast foods, processed junk and any foods that are high in sugar, is one of the best things you can do for your health, but many people mistakenly assume that vegetables can’t be grown in the winter. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Just because the cold arrives doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh produce, in fact, some are in their prime during this season. That’s good news for those who just bought the perfect home in New Jersey with room for a garden.

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5 Things to Consider When Installing Laser Lights

Laser lights add extra décor to the house during the festival season. It looks dazzling when it is creatively installed in your outdoor area. You can install these outdoor laser lights without spending too much time. There is a variety of colorful laser lights in two standard colors red and green.

With a click of a button, you can switch on these outdoor laser lights from within your home. Nowadays, most of the laser lights feature a built-in timer which helps you to preset the time in which the lights must be switched on and the time to automatically switch off. You can use laser lights for any special occasion to brighten the mood as it provides an amazing party effect with rapid red & green laser dots. You have to take care when choosing laser lights as the wrong choice can cost you money & frustration.

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The Best Tricks For Gardening near Your Septic System

Planting near a septic system is problematic for many gardeners. It is important home gardeners understand how septic works, how close to the system leach field and what you can safely plant and what types of plants to grow. With a little homework, you can safely incorporate your septic leach field into your overall garden design with good results.


When designing your home garden, LeekGarden recommends using living plants to create divisions and boundaries. This is especially useful to help mark out the area around septic drain fields and mark where it is safe to garden plants and trees that might harm the septic system.

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Ryobi R48110 Electric Riding Lawn Mower Review 2019 (Full Expert Reviews)

Landscape companies around the world have made it a standard practice to utilize riding lawn mowers in their businesses. Electric riding mowers are becoming more famous for residential homeowners too. Compared to the manual push mowers, electric riding lawn mowers have made it a lot easier for homeowners to manage their yard. However, the only question is which is the best electric riding lawn mower?

Here, I will tackle one of the most sought-after products when it comes to an electric ride-on lawn mower. I would be discussing its features, benefits, pros, and cons, and of course, I will provide some other alternatives aside from this best product. So, continue reading fellas!

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How to Pick the Best Plants for Your Landscape (Proven Tips In 2019)

So, you’re planning to have those beautiful plants for your landscape? But, how great are you when it comes to choosing the right plants? Indeed, there are specific considerations once deciding for the best plants for your landscape.

It is your goal to make your landscape a lot more attractive, right? If yes, then be guided on how to pick the best plants to consider along with some tips on how you could plant them the right way. 

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Metal Garden Hose Reviews December, 2019 (Proven Tips)

Yellow garden water hose reel cart on a grass lawn

Yellow garden water hose reel cart on a grass lawn

Similar to sprinkle heads, garden hose reel is also an essential component of our garden or lawn. We use it in our house and vehicle cleaning, besides gardening. And when it comes to a garden hose, metal water hose has been gaining popularity due to the excellent features and benefits it offers.

Let this article be your guide throughout your journey of finding the best metal garden hose that won't hurt your expectations and wallet. 

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Koblenz Pressure Washers Review 2019: Koblenz HL-410 V 2200-PSI

Being an advocate of a clean home and surrounding, I always freak out whenever I found any mud, spots, or anything on the floor either inside or outside my house and try all possible ways to get rid of them. I've been trying to remove then with chemical and brush, only to get tired and failed at the end of the day.

The Koblenz pressure washers didn't exist during this time, but I wish it did. The product really does a great job of cleaning black spots, mud, paint, and any other dirt and stains on the floor. 

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Best Garden Hose Reel December, 2019 (Top 5 Expert Review & Picks)


Reel with hose and sprinkler in the garden

Buying the best garden hose reel is not like laying sod – there are various considerations and processes involved that are more complex. The struggle is real especially when it is about complementing well with your budget. 

Whether it is keeping your gorilla grow tent or beautiful garden, a good hose reel will make watering a lot easier and stress-free. So, here's our hose reel reviews to help narrow down your choices!

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Best Sprinkler Heads 2019 Buying Guide (Updated)

The sprinkler head has recently been enjoyed using by gardeners. In fact, what are its pros? According to the recent studies, most homeowners minimize the water bill in a significant way when they optimize their sprinkler system. In particular, use the right type of sprinkler head for your plants to make sure the proper water amount and absorption.

So, should I choose what type is suitable? Which one is the best sprinkler heads? Yes, answers are in this article. Read to know more!

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